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    Bloom Effect Mod - Fixed By Blake
    The original Dark ENB Convertors here by Boris Vorontsov & Lasse Blutströmen don't seem to work on many modern systems. Blake was able to get this awesome ENB working again by combining it with a different d3dx9_26.dll file from another FL ENB mod that still works fine. Once working beautiful mod allowed me to create my Worlds of Freelancer HD ENB Video series a few years back. For ease of use Blake has also converted it to flmod format (if you don't use FL mod manager then just force open the file in your zip/rar/7zip program to extract contents.

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    Freelancer NQ
    I believe this is the final version of the North Quadrant mod for Freelancer, and is in full rar format and has to be extracted in to the freelancer folder in XP compatible mode for service pack 3. Be persistent when extracting the files because they will generate a redundancy error, keep extracting and over writing the files until it get's to 100% it will then work as intended. I would like to thank the original mod teams, and the server team that sent me these files many years ago, sadly I could not help at the time but did promise to keep the files safe. Once you have extracted the files they have to be run from inside the new folder, just remember to set every command you use and every run to XP mode for service pack 3. It will run in multi player or single player and will let you connect to the server, that is now being run and support by Han Solo.

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