• Quote from "Knife"

    have u checked front page?
    they are all separted in categories, and filenames are quite understandable, that is totaly pointless to add descriptions.
    files are still uploading and beeing sorted, as mental said, keep in mind that theres over 16GB of data, i rly dont see point
    in writting descriptions when names are quite descriptive themself. perheps u have missed lnk on front.

    Maybe you don't see the point on adding descriptions, but for me the names alone doesn't mean anything, most of them looks like coded stuff. Maybe for someone who has been long time involved with FL mods and such it becomes very simple to identify them by their, most of the times, weird names, but for those who are starting with this, well, we do need descriptions, not long descriptions, but something to let us know what do we have in front of us.

    With time, of course, it would be great to qualify them in some manner, for example, put some warning on all those mods that add battleships but they can't even move in space, or those that has some "features" wich makes us want to kick the computer screen, like for example TNG and the mines effects and lack of steering inertia control (great mod besides that).

    Back to the topic, adding descriptions is not pointless if you see it from all the different perspectives.

  • Sorry if I'm going to be a little blunt about this, but honestly can you scrap the new downloads section completly and return it to the way it was say... Two years ago?

    No categories, no mod meta descriptions or full names and no details page. I would like to know what I'm downloading and not have to download every single one of the over one thousand mods you have on offer just so I can read the readme files to sort the ones I want from the ones I don't. Well, unless you're willing to pay my monthly internet bill for the several gigs I'd have to download to go through them.

    Again, sorry if I came over as hostile or a jerk, but the download section as it is now is pretty much 'anti-browse' and is only really useful if you know exactly what you want and what it's shorthand directory name is.

  • Umm.....


    Look - first of all, this is not a flame. We all do appreciate the time you guys have been putting in. I personally know what it takes.

    But - and there is a big but - your efforts are not being used to best effect.

    You HAVE put in a lot of effort - but perhaps not in the right direction. I have not paid much attention as to who is who here, so ignore my ignorance of who are the team leader and members - but here are some comments based on my long years of management expertise that you will benefit from considering and applying some fast changes to the way you do things...

    Your team leader is not team leading. He/she clearly does not have the clear idea of where he/she wants to go with this project, or maybe it's that he/she cannot manage a team. And I am sure he/she has put in a great amount of effort personally too. But in the wrong area. Providing the big push to get something done is one thing, but making a team and getting that team to get the project done to an objective is something entirely different.

    The second obvious point is that team members who do NOT behave like team members by supporting their leader are irresponsible and will corrupt the team's efforts. Those members should leave the team of their own accord.

    SO first of all to fix this problem you have to re-target your team leader, and give him/her your help to quickly design your new look, and then share the work to get there. Or maybe you need to first reselect a new team leader who CAN organise and motivate a team. It is NOT necessary to let this person be the one who has provided the platform (hardware etc) just because he/she did. If he/she insists and is not capable, that is wrong and you will get nowhere with him/her.

    There is a lot more to supporting a community of this size than playing power games about the blasted server.

    You need a responsible team of conscientious people who each have tasks which they OWN and who will do those tasks on time and for as long as it takes, and appoint someone else to do them when he/she cannot continue.

    So get with that, please.

    If you already did both of these things recently then you have done the right thing, the intelligent among us know it will take time to show and we should all just leave you alone to complete your tasks, instead of nit-picking.

    My comments:-

    We have great expectations of you guys, the original TLR is a VERY hard act to follow.

    But I for one hope you are able to do it.

    The forums are fine as far as I can see.

    The downloads section - OK I take your point that it's a work in progress - but I think it's pretty but unusable as it is. Unless I know exactly what I am looking for.

    And if I don't want something old then it is impossible to see what is new unless I go through all pages one by one. And I don't want to have to do that.

    I still would like to see the original TLR listing method and descriptions if you can re-implement it.
    Or am I short-sighted again?

    Uhh... where are my glasses...?

    Huh? On my head! ??


  • Hey,

    Thanks for bringing the downloads section back online. Like everyone else here, I too feel that the downloads section needs some classifying, but then again, I'm sure you guys have to do it all in your spare times, so no biggy.

    In any case, thanks a bunch. If I have to wait and look for what I need page to page before you guys manage to put everything under the correct categories, so be it.

    While I'm at it, could you tell me where I can find the old sdk 1.5 executable file? I've searched high and low and couldn't find it. Anyone still have it on archive?

    Greatly appreciated gents. Thanks a lot.

  • As for the SDK, you should still be able to find it over on Louva Deus's section of the =EOA= site. Just scroll down a little and the different versions are listed together.

    On a side note, I just read some great news there: they've been ok'd to continue development on FLMM yay :D currently they're taking bug reports on FLMM 1.4

  • u need to login with community password and username,

    **pay attention on tlrdownload(s) and password is download(withou S)
    i hope this helps

  • indeed you did...

    The Downloads Section of TLR does not have the same user registrations as the forums. Here is the user and password you need below:
    Username: tlrdownloads
    Password: download

  • why dont you simply take the username and the password and put it on the downloads site
    that would make stuff much easier and still requires a login

  • Hey there
    The download site:

    -possitive :
    - downloads are sorted
    - are instantly downloaded
    - all function as they have to ;)
    - there are categories

    -negative :
    - I really miss bigger page link capacity [ other words... there is too low number of downloads on each page ]
    - The thumbnails are so big, I don't like it because you have to scroll down too much and for nothing. I don't see use of it unless we have there some peoples whit bad eyes and these are supossed to take glasses :P

    Anyway It looks fine and I am really happy lancers go on again :)

    Mini me

    Well new version allways bring good things [well allways not ....mostly], but I thought there is nothing to be better on FLMM because it is only advanced unpacker for freelancer mods? What can be better on unzipping hmm..

    Cheers Dark_Raven

  • 7zip is a pretty big improvement for reducing the mod size, for bigger mods especially. But there were a few changes like..hrm section modify, which was nice. But..since its in beta there's pleeeenty of room for improvement. Me are lookin forward to it =)

  • As an idea: the list of downloadable mods/tools has a message "no description available for ...". So let's change that :) ! I suggest that the Admin/Mods start a "Description of Downloads"-Thread, where people can post short descriptions of the files. Those comments can be attached to the DL-section.

    After some time and some efforts by the community (and - why not - by the authors of the mods) the user of new TLR will have additional info to some of the mods. I am sure: those worth to be played will have a description, those to forget/ignore not. Kind of collective intelligence :P

    To give an example:

    1.28 This is the great Evolution-Mod by Chips, version for single player experience WITH Story line activated. If you want to play without story line you have to install the 1.28 after installing the main mod 1.28. Character of the Mod: more systems, more ships, more factions, more and challenging missions. Great exploring! The Mod is one of the few "real 3D"-experiences; some of the stations are hidden far below or above the ecliptic. Innovative features like rare and precious commodities you can only find as loot or hidden in dangerous minefields.

    If you want to play Evolution-Mod with LAN or online you also need this 1.28-client-version. The server however needs the file "". The hosting server (on LAN) can play itself, the mod is very stable.

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    that's the post for this topic, though no one has really replied.

  • Download section looks pretty good ... Maybe you could add a link (next to the download link or in the lower right) labeled "Screenshot" for mods that have screenshots? Categories would be very nice too ...

  • I feel the need to express my heart felt emotions,

    IF THIS SITE SUCKS GO BACK TO WHAT EVER HOLE YOU CLIMBED OUT OF!!! It's obvious this community does not need pessimistic idiots such as you or anyone who posts whining and crying but offers no help, or those of you, who are file whores, and post once! I do not exist to make your day a HAPPY one! If your not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem so get to STEPPEN, and dont let the portal hit you on the way out!

    Other then that :D for those of you, who appreciate my time and work and are helping this community with ideas and optimisim, you have my gratitude.

    Thank You,


  • Well it is well known that what you don't want make handy, you can make by script... the question is if the script will be easier and faster to make :D I have some experience with PHPBB 3 , MySQL and Macromedia Dreamweaver but I doubt if I can be much helpfull there, because when I look back on old TLR [and I am sure this will look better :)] it was quite a proffesional job...