FL Is really based in the Sol System!

  • No, AS stands for "After Settlement". I think 0 AS is when the first Sleeper Ship (the Liberty probably) set down on a planet. Other Sleeper ships are listed as arriving at there worlds in positive single digit numbered dates on the AS calendar. Here´s a theory: The Sirius SECTOR (where FL takes place) is nowhere near Sirius the STAR. "Sirius" was a codename for the sleeper ships´ intended destination originally used by the mission planners to fool any Coalition spies. So if any Coalition ships went to the star Sirius, they´d find no Alliance colonies. Somehow, "Sirius" became the name of the cluster of stars that the Sleeper ships did arrive at. - the First Evil

  • I always figured it for "Arrival in Sirius" Anyway, there is no possibly physical way FL could be in Sol. Sol consists of 1 main sequence Yellow star(Sol), 9 planets(Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), a bunch of moons, an asteroid belt, and a few comets that swing by now and then. The Freelancer universe(The Sirius sector) consists of 52 solar systems, probably around 60 or so planets(rough guess), about 70 stars(rough guess), including(among other anomalies): A few green stars, a red dwarf, yellow dwarfs, white dwarfs, main sequence stars in yellow, green, blue, a Red Giant, a Neutron star. Many systems have tandem stars, and I believe at least one system even has three stars in it. Reaper: $200,000,000. Rockets: $100,000 The look on that pilot´s face when you launch a full pod of screamers up his tailpipe: priceless

  • There´s also the matter of the scale of the game, as compared to real life. First, Sol and Sirius are pretty much adjacent systems; there aren´t any stars "between" here and Sirius 8 light-years away. Also, Freelancer has the red giant star in Omega-11; the closest red giant star to Earth is Beta Andromeda, about 70 light years away. If the game universe includes Sirius, it´s gotta include Sol. I suppose it could be explained away by saying Sol isn´t connected by jump gates. But I´d think that they´d still call it the Sol Sector rather than Sirius, if Sol were within it. So Sirius Sector has to refer to something else or be some kind of codename; the real Sirius isn´t within the game universe (further proven by the fact that the real Sirius is a double-star system, with a white dwarf orbiting a white primary, which isn´t in any of the game systems.)

  • Interesting to see how this discuss developed. I'm 95% sure that those users don't visit TLR anymore ("The last reply to this post was 3093 days ago."), but I just wanted to say that "Sirius Sector" might be close enough to Sol, since Eagle Nebula (Rheinland) in the reality is the closest nebula to Sol (and you can see it in StarLancer which happens in Sol), but Sirius Sector consists of random nebulas, so its still not a solid proof.