Hovis Race Hack mod - FLMM format

  • BLOODY HELL FIRE! IT´S NOT EVEN HARD! I´VE NEVER EVEN FAILED! I´VE TRID IT IN A BLOODY CAVALIER, CRUSADER, AND EVEN A CLYDESDALE - PASSED IOT EVERYTIME! GRR... YOU PEOPLE GIVE UP SO EASILY!!! well now that´s off my chest, ahem. if you´re all too lazy to do it for yourself then download the MOD -/-/-/-/-/-/-/- Estupidud Rex <img src=´http://www.lancersreactor.org/images/news/bp23.gif ´> <A href=´http://www.cardamine.net´ Target=_Blank>http://www.cardamine.net/</a> - should be up and running after Christmas!

  • @Cardamine The mod is for people still have problems with the race. If you don´t have problems with the race then *claps*. No need to call the people that have problems with the race &quot;idiots&quot;. Namecalling is pathetic and doesn´t show skill.

  • Isn´t the idea of a game to be challenging though? I do appriciate any level of modding, and in that respect am happy you´ve made a mod that people can use, but at the same time shouldn´t the race be hard for some? Would the game be any fun at all if the whole thing was a walk in the park? I personally had trouble the first three or four times I tried the race, but finally got it (and barely got it...), but the enjoyment of finally beating that wrinkled old bastard gave me more satisfaction than just dubbing it to be too hard and using a mod... Using a mod in singleplayer TO ADVANCE IN THE GAME seems kinda weak. Once you´ve beaten the game, mod the bejesus out of it. Then again, that´s just my opinion. P.S. I mean no offense to anyone out there.

  • Your words are true Soundspawn but when you´re stuck at the same point for days and days you will get angry because you can´t continue the game. And the Hovis race seems to be a point where ALOT of people get &quot;stuck&quot;

  • Deutche. I haven´t read enough about problems people have in SP to know anything on those grounds, it just didn´t seems to hard to me. I´ve had more trouble with some of the fighting missions (because I was a stubborn frieghter, not a fighter at all), so it just doesn´t seem so bad to me. Personally I was using a Dromedary at the time, so I figure it can´t be THAT hard. If I am wrong, I appoligize, and once again, I do aknowledge and appriciate the fact that you´re modding things people are in need of.

  • Good one Entropy. Just hope that people wont give up to soon because of this mod. At least they know they can advance anytime they like. I dislike the race for all it´s problems and the fact that it adds nothing to the game. Good work <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> It´s better to chase a rabbit then to catch a hare...

  • Well, it took me 4 times to pass the dame thing I guess its not that its hard, its that its just annoying, kinda like the 10 min intro without the ability to hit esc and bypass, yes the race can be won, yes after you get re-adjusted to the thing its not a problem, but its just dame annoying. Though I know how to bypass it myself, You should pass it on your own once, after that get the patch, cause personally that whole mission is a waste of time.

  • before it starts, just go nuts with the shift + w, that what i did, thats all you need to do, its go nothing to do with skill, its todo with timing!

    The bar is where friendly people like to meet before they launch to space and kill each other.

  • I beat it using a Liberty Cruiser <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> BTW, Entropy, good providing tis´ to the n00bs and people who <i>can´t </i> make it <img src=smilies/icon_smile_big.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

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  • Personally I´ve never lost the hovis race so I don´t see the problem. One thing I will point out tho is at the beginning of the race when you get the popup screen you need to hit it as fast as you can otherwise Hovis will already be in cruise by the time you start, if you hit it quickly you can both charge cruise at same time and then he has no chance of beating you.. unless you just suck as a pilot <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Primary Developer of the <A href=´http://eoa.seriouszone.com´ Target=_Blank>=EOA= Players Consortium</a>

  • This isn´t a MOD, it´s a dirty cheat for people who can´t try! I tried loading the game with a MOD I did (a little dirty, but who cares) where you can buy the Rheinland Gunboat at Battleship Hood, bought the bloody thing, and did the race! Now if it can be done in that hunk of junk, then any poor sod can do it in a Cavalier, or even a bloody Humpback for that matter!