1280x1024 possible?

  • Check your PerfOptions.INI (stored somewhere in My Documents) and open it up in notepad. Go to the bottom where it says resolution and edit it. OR, in the game itself (and much safer) go to Options and change the resolution there, it should see 1280x1024 if your system in natively capable of it. Be aware however that there is not much scaling difference in the level of detail or how much you can see at this resolution vs. 1024x768.

  • In-game for me it just goes 800x600 -> 1024x768 -> 1152x854 -> 1280x960 -> 1600x1200. No 1280x1024, but I´ll try changing that line, thanks. Main reason I want 1024 as opposed to 960 is because the monitor doesen´t seem to like 960, and puts off the high-pitched whine. EDIT: Thanks, editing the file worked! Unfortunately FL was obviously not designed for tha resolution, as I was seeing blank space above/below my in-flight windows. Ah well. --------------------------------------------------- Patriot pilot un-extraordinaire. Speed is my armor, thrusters are my shield. Edited by - LaserMeat on 7/7/2004 1:43:27 PM Edited by - LaserMeat on 7/8/2004 12:53:43 PM

  • I couldnt get 1280x1024. so i went looking for someway of getting it to run,look and feel life it. so i posted over at Starport where adoxa created Hudshift.

    Works the same way Jason's Freelancer Patch AkaJFLP does, but it doesnt move the hud on to the edge of the screen. Hudshift is better as it scales and moves the hud. iv been using the plug in that adoxa made and have had no problems with it at all. im also using it with Shattered Worlds and works great. looks and feels like 1280x1024. so its wroth looking in to using if your wanting 1280x1024. as i can set my GPU/Video card to 1280x1024 but unable to set freelancer above 1280x960 for what ever reason.