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  • Nice. <img src=smilies/icon_smile_big.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> I approve.

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  • Hi I´m the author of Legends of Utrae v3.0 which has just been added to the downloads at this site. I hope everyone enjoys the additions I´ve made to the good old Utraean Peninsula Map which was one of the original maps distributed with the game. I´d like to thank the staff at Lancers Reactor for hosting the file and I´d like to mention that I´ll be available to help anyone who has any queries or problems with it. Thank you

  • First of all, welcome to The Lancers Reactor iryan! <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Second, it´s our pleasure to host the file you submitted and we thank you for offering it to us. As you have heard, we are seriously trying to expand our games coverage with Dungeon Siege and the upcoming Dungeon Siege 2 for instance, but it´s not as easy to get some ground in that area. Maybe you could help us out a bit to get the word out that we are seriously looking into expanding our site with coverage of Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege 2 news? We could really use all the help we can get. We are still doing a lot of coding on the site to fit the Dungeon Siege info in the site and still have a lot to add to the site. Perhaps a screenshots section, faq, maps, characters/weapons section etc. We are also still working on new forums, which will give us better options of creating sub forums and thus have seperate Dungeon Siege forums instead of it now being mixed with Freelancer forums. But, one step at a time... Again, welcome! ______________________________ Eraser Webmaster of <A href=´http://www.lancersreactor.org´ Target=_Blank>The Lancers Reactor</a> E-Mail: eraser@lancersreactor.org MSN: eraser@lancersreactor.org <img src=´http://www.lancersreactor.org/t/i/lan_butt.gif ´>

  • Certainly if you have any gameplay problems I´ll help as best I can. I´ve finished all three of the retail maps, including the secrets. The original Utraean Peninsula was multiplayer only, though quite early on players managed to make it playable in singleplayer. The only problem was it lacked a proper campaign. Legends of Utrae fixes that as well as adding a lot of features from the expansion pack. So it requires you to have that as well (shouldn´t be an issue as it´s good value). If you haven´t yet worked it out the name Legends of Utrae is a play on the name of the map (Utraean Peninsula) &amp; the title of the expansion pack (Legends of Aranna). Thank you for the warm welcome. I´ve been spreading the word around &amp; I´m sure you´ll get some enquiries soon as there´s still a healthy modding community in this game.

  • Where real MS freaks arnt we <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Anyway I like DS so its ok...Looking foward to a DSMM and good mods...

  • patato, Welcome to TLR. I am looking forward to DS 2 coming out myself. <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

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  • A smal recuest to DS Hello all moders i am wondering if enny of you great moders culd make a little mod to all of uss that cant mod. I have been loking and waiting for a mod that has a wisard cloak with a hood on. i REALLY want it and i think am not the only one ho want´s it. It Really dosent mather how it lock´s thank´s for manny god mods and a happy new year to all on Lancers Reactor. Edited by - Solaire on 1/9/2005 7:23:13 AM

  • I played dungeon siege for about 2 years single and online play the modding poissbilitys for it where always a plus, if ya got bored with the gameyou can change it and tweak it easily via modding tools such as giving creatures new spells etc etc changing theyre scale give them weapons. Was a nice little game spent a lot of time and had a lot of fun on it.

  • I don´t know about you guys, But I lost many days of sleep over this game, Especially after Moding in Lightsabers! <img src=smilies/icon_smile_cool.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

  • Check out http://www.dsabstraction.com/ as they are now accepting beta testers for the Dungeon Siege LOA mod Abstraction. I have been alpha testing this for quite awhile and it should be ready for the beta test by the end of this weekend. wowsher To the fish go the spoils...

  • Beta testing was a while back. There was a sign up site and a place to download the game, about 2gb in size. Stinger posted the link to it. I myself, am waiting for the full game to be out. <img src=smilies/icon_smile_wink.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

  • Um I was talking about a new MOD for Dungeon Siege LOA and it has not been released to the public prior to tomorrow/monday. I think you are referring to DS2 beta which was interesting but short and a rather large download. wowsher To the fish go the spoils...