Desperation knows no bounds

  • hehehe, i live on the other side of the world, sorry can´t help ya (probably couldn´t if i lived there anyway<img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>) so what does IT stand for? i knew it at one point...but forgot


  • wolf : erm... information technologies? <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Life is only given once ... and most often by accident

  • Good luck! *Undertone: You´ll need it <img src=smilies/icon_smile_big.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>* Take it from an unemployed bum with five years of education (a Degree and an IT Diploma), getting into IT is bloody hard. Why do you think I´m still unemployed? *Sniff* Nobody wants me! *Bursts into hysterical tears and runs away*

  • <font size=1 face="trebuchet ms"><BLOCKQUOTE><hr size=1 noshade>i think, for a medium-paying part time job <hr size=1 noshade></BLOCKQUOTE></font><font face=´trebuchet ms, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica´ size=2> I think that you should take any job in considerance (not only those with medium payings, but also with low-paying) just as long as you don´t get paid under the minimumwage. Relevent working experience can help you out when applying to certain positions. Also, why don´t you take a part-time job in some other branch. That way, you can apply for IT jobs and in the meantime you make some money!

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  • I´ve been in the field for nearly 4 years, I got a lucky break as I had a few contacts (previously worked for the company in a different role, so I knew the IT guy and he knew I was studying in the field). I managed to get a part time desktop support job while I studied and they have taken me on full time. I doubt your going to get a mid level paying Admin job with no on the job experience. You should really be looking for a low paying help desk job to get you started. Remember you need to have technical, people, documentational and business skills these days, technical skills alone just don´t cut it anymore. If your coming straight out of high school your chances are stuff all and none, get yourself into a uni or a tafe college and get yourself a degree/diploma. Remember to do well and to network with your lecturers, make yourself known and do well in your classes. Most lecturers have their own companies or are heavily involved in the industry outside of class, they know people who´ll be looking for people and if your doing well enough, that person may be you. I know I got a few taps on the shoulder for job openings from lecturers. But take absolutely anything to start with, your not in a position to be at all picky, getting your foot in the door should be your primary concern. Edited by - Mustang on 11/24/2004 2:32:25 PM Edited by - Mustang on 11/24/2004 2:33:48 PM

  • Very true. Without some form of certification, either MS or Cisco and more importantly your lack of experience, your chances of finding Network Admin. duties are *very* poor. You may be able to acquire a helpdesk position, because that´s where most IT professionals begin, but that´s about it. As for there being jobs overseas, it is true. My brother has two degrees (one in Music and one in Arts), and when he went over to London he was offered an IT/Telecommunications position straight away, and he has no IT qualifications. He knows enough about computers to do some basic troubleshooting of Windows and apps, as well as replace graphics cards and what-not, but that´s about the extent of his skills. It´s quite depressing actually <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>.

  • IT...You guys are all gonna becoem my best friend when I start making video games <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

  • Pick a firm that has a sizable IT operation, one really makes use of it. Then apply for ANY entry level job in that firm, even the mail room. Navigate your way once hired. If you´re not yet ready to work full time, you´re really not going to be that attractive a hiring candidate for mid-level pay. Be more humble, start small. Part of your training will be in what it takes, first to land a job, then to hold one, and then to transfer/promote out of it to your desired position.