Autodesk Maya Unlimited

  • I've recently obtained Maya Unlimited, and was curious if it's possible to design ships with it? I also have Autodesk Inventor 10 (which I love playing with), and I was wondering the same thing about that too.

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    inventor is more for compenent modelling, you can make ships in it if you want to try, its not very flexible though.

    what do you mean it's not very flexible?

  • If I remember right (could be wrong tho), Inventor was more for modeling mechanics -- engines, transmissions etc etc...

  • well its not very free hand, it deals mroe with exact figures where as programs such as 3ds max allow you to be more spontaneous with the sizes you put things ect. although in inventor 10 can now drag ure sizes instead of typing them

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    Maya is the program also used ba Ms/DA in the first place to make the models for Freelancer

    That's good that I can use the same program as them...if I could figure out how to use it. And once I do that, figure out how to create an object/ship. Also, anyone know where I can get some import / export plugins for it?