Mozilla Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

  • fire fox, = speed IE = it works and building a site for cross browser compatability can be a right pain in the proverbial. someone mentioned that ie didnt do regular updates other than sp2? i think you are missing the point, sp2, is a service pack as was sp1. but in short its a pack/collection of updates that have been bundeled together(you can get them all seperatly). and if you go to M$´s site and check for critical updates i dare say that you should find more, i like the rest of you dont trust bill, or his company, (which is probably why i dont update, that and sp2 conflicting with so much i do. jebus it evn stops my ftp from working) just my 2 cents for what its worth. <A href=´´ Target=_Blank></a> home of ** uk server **

  • the only problem i ever really had with SP2 was that it wouldn´t let me use StyleXp to change my ntoskrnl file. everything else works just fine, even the SP2 firewall, which is safe enough as I have a hardware firewall doing the main work. I´d be happy if M$ deployed AV and anti-spyware as part of a new SP as it would make my life a lot easier not having to run around picking up the c*ck-ups of other people. I already configure people´s desktops to require as little input from me as possible and have a maintenance schedule set. anyway I digress.

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