Any way of combining mods?

  • Was wondering today if there was a way to combine certain mods I know some are incompatible but I'm saying more advance like extract one mods files to the other modify the .ini's etc. PS need help with .dll files which not sure how to edit any help would be appreciated thanks!

  • Depends just what the mods do (combining total conversions could be a problem :)), but you should be able to combine them if you're prepared to put in the effort (I for one am not going to try to make FLMM do it automatically). Resource DLLs would be the main problem, since the ids_name/ids_info (and other) numbers would need to change. You're going to have search through one mod's ids and add 65536 to all those >= 458752. Specifically:

    1. [Resources]
    2. DLL = InfoCards.dll ; 65536 - 131071
    3. DLL = MiscText.dll ; 131072 - 196607
    4. DLL = NameResources.dll ; 196608 - 262143
    5. DLL = EquipResources.dll ; 262144 - 327679
    6. DLL = OfferBribeResources.dll ; 327680 - 393215
    7. DLL = MiscTextInfo2.dll ; 393216 - 458751
    8. DLL = first_mod.dll ; 458752 - 524287
    9. DLL = second_mod.dll ; 458752 - 524287 ==> 589824 - 655359
    10. DLL = third_mod.dll ; 458752 - 524287 ==> 655360 - 720895
  • Yes, it's possible. It does require a lot of work though.

    You will need to dissect each mod and make sure that all the edits for all the mods are done in the necessary files. For example, all three mods might edit the weapon_equip.ini file. You would need to make sure that all the necessary entries for all those mods are made in that file. If all mods modify the same entry(ies), you would need to examine those edits to make sure that they are compatible. Otherwise you would need to choose which one you prefer to use.

    It can be a lot of work.

  • EDIT: Good news i did it. Thanks everyone for your help you guys are long time players of freelancers and thanks to you I can continue to fiddle around with these great mods and now I have been able to start combining( no TC's yet but im adding ships into 2 TC's by creating a whole new folder and modifying files. At this point i have added a total of 4 new ship packs into the two TC's) so again thanks