TLR mod support

  • There was a time that Lancer's Reactor was the center of the Freelancer modding scene. This community actively supported the development of countless mods.
    In agreement with the active staff members we re-open this chapter of TLR history again.

    This community will officially support the development of a new Freelancer mod which has the apparently has the potential to become very successful. I'd like to officially welcome the members of the Alternative Universe mod project to TLR. We will support you with your ambitious project, help you with upcoming questions and give the neccessary feedback so you can do your work on the mod.
    With your experience from previous work and the stuff that Ive already seen I am sure that you are on a good way.

    We have opened our doors for this mod and we keep them open for other mods aswell.
    TLR is dedicated to support Freelancer and Starlancer players aswell as the mods that they use.

    During the past years way too many modding projects were founded just to disappear again a few months later due to the lack of support and guidance. Our task will be to change that and give mods with good solid concept a fair chance to become successful.

  • Something I just want to ask of the new Dev team, please post the information instead of links to google docs. I thought we were supposed to be your new home?

  • first of all, nice to be here. and thanks for the warm welcome. pat will probably coordinate this whole thing. i'm just a simple lore writer.

    all in all, thanks for the welcome and support. hopefully we can make another fine, enjoyable mod.

    as for google documents, they are free (or should be - if they are not, please let us know) to view by everyone, and easier to edit of something needs to be changed. i personally prefer working like this, but if there is an issue with it, im sure we can come to a mutual agreement.

  • I understand you like that system, my only feeling about it was that you ask us to host you, then when you get here, just post a lot of links. It's like what was the point of hosting for you then?

  • @PB
    the decision has to be done by the active TLR staff, not by me

    you have a valid point
    however, its not even 24 hours that we are trying to get two different "systems" working compatible with each other
    we dont entirely know which structure they need for the development and they dont know yet everything about what we have to offer or how to use it
    it requires a bit time to communicate about such things and make them possible

    I dont think we are in a hurry
    on the old forum there were also just links to the documents due to the lack of other methods
    putting the links here in order to mirror the structure and dont loose anything is just the first step

  • Trust me, I know it takes time to integrate systems, I just felt a little, thrown off (if you will) about how things were being done.

  • Actually I was thinking about this.

    Create a new user group for JUST the AU group. Then let them be the moderators of their area. They could post AND edit as well as that way it would be like "their" little area. Also, just a tip for them, IDK what browser they use, but I know Chrome has a built in spell checker. But with this, they would still have the tools of Google Docs but they could organize it better and fix it when they wanted to.

    Otherwise I'd just suggest setting up an "External Link" for them at the top of their area that links to their Google docs account and have them just post their finished versions.

  • the wiki is an acceptable route for us. we know how to use the stuff, and know people who can help us with it more. if there is a wiki section here, just drop me a link and we will start working on it.

    although i still fear of spoilers, which might have a negative effect on the 'exploring' gameplay, when the mod itself is released, ultimately making some of the people interested in the mod leave sooner than they get 'used' to the mod itself and the players. discovery is famous with it's 4.86 version release, which is anticipated for quite some time (more than 2 years soon). a lot of people, even veteran players left due to being bored of stereotype, while being promised a new version 'soon (tm)'. and the wiki spoiler feature (as i know it) means you are just one click away from the content.

    you can use the spoiler tags like in that example above

    the hide tags appear to have a small problem as they dont even show at the wiki if the user has the correct rights
    -> i have reported that problem already and expect it to get fixed soon
    (till that you can use the spoiler bbcodes)

    the hide tags can be used (once they are working correctly) to hide content from the public and display it only to the members of your team and the TLR staff (if you prefer it that way)

  • Another thought I had;
    With making them the moderators of their own area, add an area only TLR staff and they can see. That way they can have their "hidden" area.