FL10K Looking for a Graphic artist!

  • Thought I'd just reuse this thread, sorry if there's any confusion. :P
    'lo there!

    FL10K (Main article) is looking for a Graphic artist!

    Someone who can design logos for the various factions, as well as various other important things such as the mod logo.

    We'll be asking about in various places, but on the off chance there's someone hanging about here with the skills and would like to help out, give us a shout!

  • You shouldn't link too much to T-SP, unless you want to make the admins mad.

    Anyway, you should try another community. Maybe FLC or DiscoveryGC if you don't find help. There are not very much modelers free-to-work...

  • It's the thought that counts, OP. ;)

    Polar, I think the admins understand that maintaining two threads with identical information on two forums dedicated to the same thing is a bit silly. I hope they'll overlook it for me.

    FLC is a good idea, though, thanks. We've already got a thread on Disco. ;)

  • Well, we don't intend to put any sort of storyline into it as of first release. Which is why we've gone with FL10K for now, it's abstract in a similar vein as 88 Flak (which is where I got the idea from) with it's own little in joke which is pretty obvious. :P

    I have a feeling it's going to be one of those working titles that ends up being the release title :P

  • Hmm, textures... can't paint worth a damm, though I can cut-n-paste frankenskin like a... Demon...

    Modeling, well that's another story... Problem is I use C4D, not max/milk, so no cmp/sur exporters... I'd need somebody to convert formats for me from obj to cmp/sur.

    Once it's in an fl format with a mat file, I can then hardpoint, remat, script etc to get it ingame...

    What was it you wanted making anyway?


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  • Well honestly we probably need a texture artist moreso than a modeller, but we do have various ships we need modelled.
    Nothing is really set in stone at the moment, but a few of the things we will be looking for are various rank filling capitals for the houses, corporate transports and GMG/IMG shiplines.

    It's a growing list, I can't really give specifics at this time.

    Conversion to FL formats shouldn't be too much of a problem.