Star port

  • During the past half year TLR, the SWAT Portal and/or members of it were publicly accused by the Star port administration for various things.

    e.g.: a few weeks ago they have accused me of publishing modding tutorials at my site and replacing the credits of the original author with my name.
    What they failed to tell was that the mentioned tutorial can be found at my Forum at SWAT Portal in its original form with credits to the original author. One of the T SP members just copy/pasted it from there to Star port and removed the original credits.
    Was that done on purpose? Probably not, but it was enough reason to start throwing dirt at our Communities.

    Two weeks before that incident one of T SP modders came to my moddb site to accuse the SWAT Dev team of having taken a 3d model from a different game without crediting the original source. This statement was done based on a screenshot I have taken from one of our custom build models in a test environment.
    Admitting that the model was a rebuild of something from a game I still wonder how this guy would actually make a comparison between the original model and the rebuild based on a screenshot (in my eyes impossible). Furthermore I wonder how he could even make claims about credits of a mod version that has not even be released.
    To sum it up... it was just another try to throw dirt at our work.

    Yesterday the next claim against TLR and one of its members was done.
    Based on a joke that was done at one thread we were accused of DDosing T SP. Thats rights... members of this Community were once more accused of something they have not done.
    It did not take long to find someone guilty for their problems. They point their finger to TLR, tell another lie and hope that their members buy it.
    Common business meanwhile.
    In the past 6 months this meanwhile happened 5 times.

    Coincidence? Or purpose?

    My try to explain the situation and apologize was instantly used to throw more dirt at us. So I left. Now again my try to defend one of our members and offer to resolve the problems between the communities is being presented as an ATTACK against Star port. Nothing new.
    They obviously are allowed to verbally attack every FL community and its members while exactly these members are not allowed to defend.
    Defending from lies and accusations is apparently is an act of aggression while accusing us in first place for no reason seems to be fully justified.
    Right or wrong plays no big role there. They are even willing to break their own forum rules and the rules of other communities (which happened not just one time) to reach their goals. T SP was once even discussing the destruction of TLR (about two years ago).

    It is just a matter of time that more of their attacks reach us. They already have tried to make TLR member leave this place during the past few weeks.
    For half a year Ive been watching this crap now. Stayed calm and prevented provocations from our side. Useless.
    Some of our members already experienced their methods.
    Guess what... unlike previous TLR admins i am not willing to use unfair methods at all. But I am also not willing to accept that our members become victim of their bullshit. I simply have enough of that.
    Every further attack against the lancers reactor, the swat portal or one of their members will cause a reply that they will not forget.
    Like I said, I am not willing to use unfair methods... but fortunately this is not neccessary.

    The FL community is an interesting place.
    Polarbear was being told not long ago by one of the star port guys that either he is part of T SP or he is an outlaw. (btw. that was really the used expression)
    Well I guess the FL community has 90% outlaws then. Being one of them has never really bothered me nor did it lead to any disadvantages.
    In fact almost every good FL mod has been developed by such outlaws.
    TLR, SWAT, FLC, DB,...,.... and all the other FL communities are all outlaws then and we are on good terms.
    We keep doing our good work, we represent the majority of the FL community.... thats what matters.

  • I have made an offer at the FLC to moderate a discussion between TLR and That other sites staff in good faith although I dont epect it to go anywhere.

    I dont do much posting on That other site because honestly im not a modder ... i do what Dwn tells me to do with files and they end up in our more of an Admin.

    Gameservers and Websites .. i do what i can with my limited skills.

    I know our offer for a moderated discussion is not what you or That other site are looking for Op ... I only put it out there to Show that there are those (such as myself ,,an outlaw i suppose :)) in the community that have no issue with TLR or That other site and that all of us should get along for the greater good of the community. I know.. its been said over and over .. but hey thats me.

    I know the history there is long for you and them .. and while i hope someday to see it end im not sure that it ever will..

    But knowing me for the time that you have im pretty sure you know that we always have and always will support TLR and your other communities.. because we share the same Vision of Free and friendly Help to those that need it.