Bananaworld running the PHOENIX mod by Gibbon

  • Hi all,

    Thought i'd post some information about the server and mod running on it. Bananaworld has been around for years running various mods during that time. Currently hosting the Phoenix mod V1.06 which is a vanilla based mod with numerous addons.

    Firstly the video

    The story so far...

    Sirius is recovering from the after effects of the Nomad War. Normal life is starting to resume and old rivalries are resurfacing. Naval forces from all the major houses regularly patrol their space and it seems their presence is both approved and resented, depending which side of the fence you're sitting on. Some see it as an excuse for more money to be spent by governments on their armed forces, the various governments see it as securing their space... just in case the Nomads should return.

    Rumours of more intense battles in the Omicron sectors between the pirate factions is standard chat at most bars. It seems these deadly pirates have not been idle during the Nomad war and have been salvaging some of the larger fighting ships left floating around after some of the great battles that were fought, and have been refitting these ships for their own uses.

    Even more bizarre rumours circulating are that a fully intelligent simian race has been discovered willing to trade with humans, although that story might be a little bit too much to believe. Having said that, a new beverage is circulating out in the outlying sectors which is proving most popular, allegedly made by these same simians and named banana beer. Those that have tried it apparently found it a very fine brew indeed. None has reached the inner systems in Sirius yet, but large profits are to be made by those that can get hold of any. So the story goes...

    A new era of exploration is underway, with new systems to discover and people to meet, items to trade or relieve somebody of.

    What are you going to do?

    Here are some of the features:

    Widescreen support
    Battleship encounters added. Some of these have been given to the pirate factions as well
    Dynamic Economy added
    New weapon FX added
    New scanners & tractor beams added
    Custom jumpholes added with new colours and FX
    New factions added
    Spinning Planets
    New commodities added
    All the shipyards now sell ships
    Planet Pygar added with correct docking sequence and custom landing, takeoff and bar thn script
    Original Planet Sprague landing sequence added for multiplayer
    Unlocked the official FX for the Tizona Del Cid and Rapier weapons which never worked in normal FL. It was a missing line of code that someone at DA forgot to put in
    Open Single Player version added


    Bloodhound II by Mancer
    Wolfhound II by Mancer
    Mule II by Mancer
    Rhino II by Mancer
    Sabretooth by Mancer
    Scarab Freighters by JsnCalif11
    Cobra by JsnCalif11
    Dark Angel by Achilles
    Defender II (Flyable - Juni had one in SP)
    Blood Dragons Dragon (Flyable)
    Starblazer (Flyable)
    Junker CSV & Hogosha CSV (Flyable)
    Armoured Transport (Flyable)
    Megatrain (Huge freighter never used in FL with 8 cargo pods)
    Dockable Hispania by Rimshot
    Razid Space Creature by Scarecrow
    Black Eagle by ???
    Cougar by APS
    Hornet by APS
    Starviper by APS
    Ravensclaw by 3DHeaven
    Banzaimaru by 3DHeaven
    Intruder II by Darkpetzi
    Pachyderm Freighter by Triple X
    Zorg Fighter by Awts0c
    Hellhound VHF by PantherX


    Coding by Gibbon
    Widescreen support by adoxa
    Unofficial 1.4 SDK by Buck Danny including code fixes by Gibbon
    New flame and missile fx by Why485
    Custom jumphole FX by Cheese on Toast
    Global Server Workaround by wodk4
    Soundfile fixes by Startrader
    New bodyparts by Alderberan
    Nightstalker for the BIG explosions :)
    Sprague docking sequence for MP by Crassicauda
    Bejaymac for the OpenSP code & invaluable advice
    Everyone on the Gizmo Studios Forum who added their thoughts and ideas
    Microsoft for releasing FL in the first place

    Available at STRATEGY INFORMER