TLR Download Database

  • Two weeks ago we had some minor troubles with out download database which of course were fixes pretty fast.
    While going through the database code and reinstalling it I came to the conclusion that we need something better.
    Dont get me wrong, our download area is great. It is functional and has many cool features but like 90% of all download archives on the net it lacks in something.
    A good overview.

    Since TLR was created around the year 2000 it had one large file area where all downloads were thrown in. Of course they had individual names and every descriptions but in the end it was still a chaotic source of files.
    When we have turned the old TLR into this new one we at least have started to categorize everything which itself is a major improvement.

    But Id to go a step further.
    Last week I installed a new Download Database for TLR. It once it is filled with content will replace the current one.
    Biggest advantage will be that we can categorize even the download versions.

    Since its foundation TLR was forced to upload every version of a mod or a tool into a large area that users had to browse then.
    Since often the names of mods varied even if it were just different versions everything became hard to find.
    Often the downloads looked the following way:

    - Addon for My cool Mod A
    - My cool Mod A version 1
    - My cool Mod B
    - My cool Mod C
    - My Mod A version 2
    - Patch for My cool Mod B
    - Wallpaper for MY cool mod C

    What? Huh?
    Yeah right, thats what many users probably thought. Up to now no FL community actually has an effective Download archive... Time to change that.

    Our new Download area will support that downloads can be offered at the same entry with different versions, addons, patches and whatever else is needed
    The download area will show only the name of the mod... and when the user click on it they get a site where they can find a description, screenshots, installation instructions and every available version of that mod aswell as every related file.
    Browsing the Downloads will become very easy aswell as finding the mod version you are looking for.

    Of course we will need to invest some work in sorting the downloads now... but thats worth it.