• Name and Rank, yeah ok, why not.

    My name is Paul, aka Darkstalker
    29 years old and playing Freelancer for a very long time
    I've been part of the Lancersreactor community around 2005 and had much fun during that time. That I can not remember my old user name is not a problem, I am using a new one for several years already. Hehe.

    I run two small sites about Freelancer for quiet a while and am glad that I have finally rejoined this community.
    You have done a great job bringing everything back. :thumbup:
    I made the mistake to register a few days at another Freelancer site which is just full of stupid people which don't know the difference between wrong or right anymore. It was no hard decision to leave again and come to a more friendly community.

    So here I am.

  • Thanks for the welcome.

    I have a few questions regarding this forum and of course also the troubles between the FL communities.

    - For some reason I don't seem to be able to upload an Avatar, what am I doing wrong?

    - Chips claimed on that other community to be banned from here. Is that right?

    I have observed much from a distant view and came to the conclusion that lancersreactor is constantly targeted by certain people. They of course blame the people here. I was searching half the night on this forum if somebody from here gave them a reason but I was unable to find anything. Their sick campaign seems to reach back several years meanwhile and the current administration is targeted just like every administrator before.
    To me their claims look like stupid lies just as their claim about the old domain.
    If something is claimed to be free for all then it should be free for all and not bound to unreasonable conditions.

    I had to make my own experience with them and that was unpleasant.

  • Maybe your Avatar is to big or wrong file format.

    And yeap, Chips is a persona non grata here. For exactly what you've written in your post. But we like to put that topic aside.

  • I watched the "scenery" back there Paul, they were mocking also about the mod I work on. Regarding TLR's mod and so on. I don't know what they understood, but Continuum is supported on TLR and make usage of it's resources and because we in the FCD team have some goals that we want to aim it's our problem and not rather theirs. I don't know what issues they have with the idea of official mod of a community. As I said they can feel free to make something similar as well, they feel sad because we didn't came there on the first place or what ? Op was the most kindest man to give Continuum full support and for that I am feeling the mod should be some sort of small tribute to the effort he does with Lancer's Reactor and also represent what remained from the legacy of the old domain. I say our intentions with Continuum are well thought and coordinated. TLR has the chance to be represented by this mod we hardly work on, while T SP not.

  • *sigh*

    The problem with the Avatar is due to a small restructuring project here at TLR that ive started yesterday. In a few hours ill have the work done and you can upload it without problem.

    yes - Chips was banned. He broke rules so he had to go. He received a warning a few days ago at a similar incident and ignored it. As Chips was banned from here meanwhile 7 or 8 times I wouldn't put that much attention on him. He actually could have been glad that we have let him back after all the violations of TLR rules in the past.
    He does complain? Let him... that is what all rule breakers always do.
    The mistake to let him back will not happen again.

    I am sorry for your bad experience over there. You will not see something on our sites and probably it would be just the best to leave the troubles over there. We have not showed such a terrible behaviour here in the past and will also not start with it.

    If they think they have to rant over it then let them. That is pure jealousy.
    How we run this site and how we support mod projects is our decision and not their business. Next to that is every mod project welcome here and able to receive the same support and even those which make a different decision receive fair treatment access to the features and services that we offer.