Starlancer ships

  • Ok, OP knows i'm a bit of a Starlancer fan and after a huge discussion with me a few years back, between us we ended up with all the SL models fully extracted with textures.

    A little while later i released the Alliance fighter ship pack which to be fair had already been done by others but i released it anyway. Soon after, the Coalition fighter ship pack made an appearance. Now surs are not that difficult to do anymore with two excellent sur making utilities around, i had a little dig through the SL textures and models again and came across the Alliance 45th SQN textures which are different from those already released by others. Was thinking if these would be of interest to anyone.





    There are many others but it's an easy comparison. Originals on the LEFT, 45th SQN on the RIGHT. As i mentioned earlier, these are in game textures, nothing i've made. I've already converted the ships to FL

  • Been going through these, forgot how many there were. Think i'm going to do a combined ship pack of all the Starlancer fighters, Alliance, Coalition and the 45th Tigers. That way all the models will be in one place if people want to use them. Going to add the proper torpedo loadouts to the Hades and Kamov bombers as well so these will look as they should do. All ships will have surs and icons. Might even do some scripts so people can just drop in the ships they want to use.

  • Right, here's the first two that have bugged me from day one. These models were never complete, needing the right torpedo loadouts to go with the ship models.

    Also added the Galahad. The thing with the Galahad torpedoes is that in SL, when you view the ship database in ITAC, the torps are different for the Galahad. I've looked through all the models and i can't find the one that's shown in the database, can't even find the texture for it. There are other models listed in ITAC that have different textures to those in game and i suspect that the ITAC interface was written first and then the ship textures and munitions textures were modified prior to release. The Galahad is the predecessor to the Hades bomber anyway, so no biggie from my point of view that they have the same torp mounted.

    Least all three look far better with their torps attached.




  • Thx. Been thinking of ways to do what you describe and apart from your solution which seems the obvious one as i've done the same on some other ships i have, seems the best way to do it. Was thinking adding them as cargo pods, means you can shoot them off or maybe as you suggest but with a low hit point, like a 1 shot scenario where you fire the torp and it destroys the launcher so no spare torps would sit there.

  • That's the same as i want to have it, just wondering if setting the hit points to 0 on the launcher and the damage_per_fire section on the munition to for instance, 10, wondering if that would automatically destroy the launcher but leave the munition/torpedo to fly off into the distance? That way you wouldn't be left with the launcher/torp model on the ship. Going to have to test this theory.

  • OP, had a go at this, it all works probably the same as yours BUT, it's not destroying the launcher when you press fire. Here's the code from the launcher,

    hit_pts = 0
    explosion_resistance = 0
    debris_type = debris_normal
    parent_impulse = 0
    child_impulse = 0
    volume = 0
    mass = 10
    hp_gun_type = hp_gun_special_4
    damage_per_fire = 100
    power_usage = 0
    refire_delay = 0
    muzzle_velocity = 10
    toughness = 0
    projectile_archetype = galahad_torpedo_ammo
    dry_fire_sound = fire_dry
    separation_explosion = sever_debris
    auto_turret = false
    turn_rate = 0
    lootable = false
    LODranges = 0, 5000

    Now i was hoping that would do it but clearly not as the launcher is still there and looks like the torpedo is still mounted. Does the damage_per_fire section even do anything?

    Also, have a video i'm trying to link to on youtube to visually highlight the problem but TLR freezes everytime i try to post it which is odd. It's viewable on the OTHER SITE ;)