A few noob questions

  • As im still learning and over the past few days iv had to ask the very nice people on this forum for help i thought id make a thread that most noobs like me will come across.

    my first question is: im using FLHOOK 1.5.5 and have added a new system into the game. I want to disable PVP in this new system but for some reason FLHOOK doesnt do it even though im adding the system to the no pvp bit. if i change it to sumit like Li01 it works fine. Im know nothing of C++ so im hoping your not gona tell me each system is built into the program?

    My second question is: is it possible to make a repair gun. I tried making the hull damage -20 but as i tried it on a bounty hunter it just smashed him to bits lol would really like this in my mod.

    If i have any more noob questions ill put them in here. thanks again for all the help

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    There is setting for Flhook 1.5.5 so you have to edit this. If i remember right you need to add line to [nopvp] with nickname of system where you want to be no pvp zone.

    Yes it is possible. You have two options. By using Flhook or Adoxa's plugin i think.

  • As stated, I tried adding the system to the FLHOOK.ini file e.g. Li06:

    nopvp settings
    ; SystemX: disable pvp in this system(players can't damage other players)

    for some reason it doesnt work?

    If anyone could tell me how to get flhook to allow a weapon to heal a ship id love the help ;)