Request to microsoft to make freelancer freeware licensed

  • I know this was prob an idea that would have gotten knowhere but though if you dont ask you dont get so i sent microsoft an e-mail requesting the released freelancer from license and got this reply:

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback to Microsoft? regarding Freelancer.

    As a license advisory team for business customers and retailers, we are able to comment on this particular product, but I have logged it as feedback so that it can be picked up by those involved and used to influence future decisions.

    I would like to assure you that we do consider such feedback to be extremely valuable as it helps us to improve the products and service that we offer.With this in mind I will make sure that your feedback is passed to the appropriate department for their consideration.

    If you have any more questions please give us a call on 0844 800 2400. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm. Of course if you prefer, please send me an email.

    Kind regards,

    Jon-Paul Filkins

    Customer Service Professional

    Microsoft Customer Services

  • Actually, it seems to me as an auto-reply, but there is a chance that its a real reply. In this case you'll have to hope it gets to higher positions in Microsoft.

  • Do you recon if we could get 200 of us to send in this request they would take notice? after all freelancer to microsoft is recage. They dont really sell it anymore and if you did manage to pick up a new copy it would only cost around £2. They dont provide servers anymore and the community has dropped. Being able to put the whole freelancer game on your website or even intergrating your own mod into the setup exe within the game for download I think would help boost the community. Not everyone likes downloading from torrent's knowing its illegal and with the game being hard to come by, know new people will join the community. with the game being old know one other than people who have played it before even know about it. Could really do with being able to download it direct from the website or even a link on facebook or youtube.

    Any thoughts?

  • I'm not sure if it will be at all... Actually what we play now is "Freelancer 2", and "Freelancer 1" is the one DA planned.
    Anyway, if theres ever gonna be a continue game for this one, I'll sure buy it first! (unless I create it)

  • I'm talking about DA's plans: They originally planned Freelancer about 90% different from what we know, and what we know was planned to be Freelancer 2, until Microsoft got involved. I read it in one game-talk site pretty long time ago. Project Lonestar (Microsoft's FL2 project), due to many rumors, was planned to have same storyline as the Freelancer we know.

    Anyway, if talking about the originally planned Freelancer: All the features we are trying to add (and even more) were already ready to use in Freelancer, but then Microsoft came and said "stop! delete all the things you done and do what we say!". If you look at the original trailer, you can see a whole different nebula exclusions system, and I'm sure you found out by yourself that Nomads were suppose to be playable with cloak, and different turret design with higher poly count then Microsoft allowed them to use.

    Sorry for changing the topic...

  • Instead of begging for the source code, why not start to create Freelancer 2 ? From scratch. The whole modders around the FL communities could make a very huge project, and with some Unreal Engine SDK or why not CryEngine 2. As I know those are released for indie developers....

  • [offtopic]Speaking of other games: Do you think its possible to create a game that has features of a simulator, 3rd person shooter, and strategy all in 1?[/offtopic]

  • The Unreal Engine would need a lot of tweaking and editing in order to make it render a space ambient. And without a lot of C++ coders I see this impossible to make with our limited knowledge in the subject. And remember that the U-Engine is for first/third persion shooters or RPGs. Not for space games. Same goes for the CryTEK platform.