'Welcome to the new Lancersreactor.'

  • Is it possible to have the information bar thingo at the top that says;

    'Welcome to the new Lancersreactor.
    Due to the introduction of a new website software it might be that the password to your old forum account is not working anymore. You still can use your account here by requesting a new password. A detailed instruction can be found here.'

    Disappear after you've logged in?
    It's just a little redundant after the hundredth time seeing it, and the colour is distracting.

  • If you have Stylish:

    1. @-moz-document domain("www.lancersreactor.org") {
    2. #globalAnnouncement, #logo { display: none !important; }
    3. #headerContainer { height: 100px !important; }
    4. }
  • Its a global announcement... I do not wish to hide it as thats not the purpose of announcements.
    Sure it can be done... thats possible via either that code or the settings. However I am not much interested to change everything back once other announcements are being posted.