Hiya, everyone

  • So I decided to introduce myself. Which might seem late as this account was created in November 2010, but I didn't even know I had it actually :P

    So, I'm 'Tharog', real name: Tristan van Leth and for people from Discovery here, you probably know me as TheJarl. I never have finished the singe-player campaign and started using mods very quickly after I started playing. After a while I got bored with open SP (because Multiplayer didn't work) and forgot about the game until I for some reason decided to play again and it was then that I found out about Discovery, multiplayer did work now so that's what I went to do soon. On Disco I play for over a year already now and currently lead the official Bundschuh faction there, though I don't play much at the moment. I am a self-proclaimed RP-whore and got especially much love for roleplaying revolutionaries and rebels etc.

    I currently do lore-writing for Freelancer Continuum. I write in-game news articles and the lore for Rheinland unlawfuls (in cooperation with Ka~el)

    Aside from Freelancer I am interested a lot of games, mostly strategy ones, reading (sci-fi and fantasy), music (Metal, folk and punk mostly) and an odd one: Politics. I'm a fanatic Anarcho-communist and a pacifist and I don't let that go unnoticed.

    Oh and I <3 catgirls.

  • Welcome to TLR!

    So you're a pacifist eh? I already like you

    Hmm... I don't really see a reason why would Continuum need so much lore writers... Anyway, enjoy your stay here!

  • Interesting phylosophy Flogore. Usually I prefer to either write it all by myself or have one guy to write it all, to avoit contradictions in the story.

    Now, let's stop scaring the new guy with our conflicts, shall we?

  • If this scares him I'm not sure how he's still around.

    This. Your bitching is cute compared to Disco.[/quote]

    Just wait till you witness the Freelancer community (not the FLC website, they're pretty chill) drama.
    Though granted you'll probably have a bias rammed down your throat by someone here, so it won't be quite as funny as it is to me. ;)

    And AD, therein lies the problem. :P

    Also, why are all the normal smileys like :D and :) borked but we have stupid ones like :feminist_en: ???

  • Smileys ain't borked, it's just that you don't know how to use em right...

    They are a bit :beta: but that's not a problem



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