Comments on Flight to Freedom

  • This is the thread where we can communicate on FtF. I have to say, it was hard work writing it. I really struggled with some parts. It came out weird in the end. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Overall, I'm satisfied with the end result. If I had to try to change parts of it again, I'm sure I'd just mess it up. So weird is good enough for me.

    Those of you who want to help write the story can know that you do not have to write pieces that are as long as mine. It is the first piece, so I had to say a lot of things there. From here we can just develop the story, introduce surprises etc. I also have to say that, although I intended to write from the point of view of Stealth, I think there really are several points of view in this first piece. (Let's call the first piece Escape) It's the first time in years that I'm writing again so don't be too critical of Escape. See what you can add to the story.

    I'd like Watcher's response to be written next. After Trent and Juni leave planet Manhattan, the Liberty navy is onto them. I'll probably write a brief bit about that later. But for now I'd like to see what Watcher and 3kSeeker are planning to do. If there's anyone who'd like to volunteer for that bit, I'd appreciate it.

    Also, if any of you need clarifications about something, don't hesitate to ask. :)

  • This is great! You've got a tallant!

    I like the way you describe details, you should be writing a book or something ;)
    Anyway, I'd say this is some good material for a short movie, and I wish I could make it a one... But its possiblt to use the game's engine and write it via Thorn format scene-scripts (although it could take ages).

    Are you planning to continue the story?

  • PolarBear thank you for your positive comments. I would like to continue with the fic, but I was hoping that it could be a team/community effort. So that not only I would write. I'm hoping that there will be people who will be inspired to contribute to the story, to write some of the characters or to continue where the story left off. I could even see the benefit of seemingly unrelated bits where a character or storyline is introduced which will become significant later, but where its relation to the story is not neccessarily readily apparent. When various people contribute to a story, interesting details are introduced, the story remains unpredicatable and it can be a very rewarding experience.

    Swat, would you please move PolarBear's comment to the FtF comments thread? I'd like the Flight to Freedom thread to be reserved for contributions to the story.

  • Thank you, xycho. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

    Btw to all the readers, I'm wondering if you found any part of Escape funny? I didn't specifically write humour, but I did find some parts funny, such as the Outlaw name for the 'device', SlipTrip. I wanted the Outlaws to be a bit weird.

    In retrospect, I also found it ironic that at some point, both Stealth and the Outlaws want to shoot each other, but each gets stopped by its FL equivalent: Stealth by Trent and Juni, all of them fleeing parties; and Watcher + 3S by a security detail - all hunting parties. I had to fit the main storyline into the FL storyline, and there, of course, there is no discovery of a 'Stealth' and Watcher & co can't shoot Trent's ship on Manhattan.

    I must also say that I did enjoy writing the story. A lot did not turn out as I planned it - the end, for example. I had a very different end in mind, but you probably always get something other than you intended in the end. :)

  • Crysis, when you read this, tell me if you are going to work on FtF or the one-paragraph community fic. Also, if it is FtF, will you write Watcher's response to Stealth's "escape" or do something else?
    Here's what I had in mind for FtF:
    2nd Part: Watcher's response to Stealth's "escape"
    3rd part: Trent's journey to planet Leeds from Stealth's perspective (a very rough flight, of course)
    4th part: Stealth's arrival on Leeds, her "recovery" and her plan of action
    5th part - not yet planned

    With FtF, you need to remember that Trent has a fixed storyline until he gets to Leeds. When Trent arrives outside Planet Manhattan, the Liberty navy hunts him and Juni to some remote station and then to the Leeds jump hole. It's only once Trent makes it to planet Leeds that Stealth can go her own way.

    I'm currently working on Watcher's response, but if you want to write the 2nd part, let me know. I would like to write the 3rd part (Stealth's flight). Also, you don't have to do Watcher's response if you don't want to; you can do something else for part 2.
    Let me know broadly what you have in mind: 2nd part - ? - by Crysis or do you want to do another part instead?

  • Take note that Flight to Freedom is the fanfic on which I'll be working solo, whereas Flight to Freedom Community-participation thread is the thread where several people will work on the story, the end result being a very different story. I would like to see what happens to the story both in my solo attempt as well as when other people contribute, creating a very different story.
    Both FtF and the FtF Community-participation thread start with "Escape" (if you've read it in the one thread, you've as well read it in the other.)

    SWAT Please update Crysis on this. He must post his contribution in the FtF Comminity thread. Also tell him that he can continue the story in whatever way he likes.

  • You can tell him that that is ok; he can take his time. Exams are ALWAYS more important than a fanfic. There is no pressure on him to do this now[i].[/i]
    In the meantime, I'll work on Watcher's response for my solo.

  • I've tried continuing the fic from different angles and am not satisfied with anything. It's the part where Watcher and co are extracting and deciding what to do next. Any ideas will be welcome. The main problem seems to be that I can't get past the first few sentences. It's like a writer's block. :(

  • Good advice, thank you. I'm progressing a sentence at a time. (Finally added another bit of writing after the longest time...) Some pieces that require writing just are more difficult to do, and more frustrating, so they do take longer.