New icons

  • Hello.
    Help please, I want to use in my mod new icons, I created it with using one 3db file and changing the icon to new,
    and make from it new files. I used a ini files weapon_good and weapon_equip, but I have a bugs:
    I use for 2 guns 2 icons, this 2 guns have one icon
    If I will roll down to other modules, icons of this guns will empty

    I have a UTF editor.

    Help please!

  • ok ill give you the easiest instruction on how to build custom icons

    first download and install the freelancer model cloner
    with that tool you open one already existing vanilla 3db icons
    make sure that you also import the material for this file -> "files - scan .mat file" (the material are located in the same 3db file that you already have opened -> so choose that file again

    Now you should see 3 noded
    VMesh IDs
    3db (vmeshref) names
    Material IDs
    (if you have opened the material correctly then there should be unique names under the material IDs (if not you should only see some IDS -> which is bad)

    now you do the following
    edit the node below VMesh IDs to something else and then edit the Material nodes to something else
    e.g. turn

    when you have done these changes then you need to export it to a new model (e.g."myshinycustomicon.3db")

    Now open the UTF editor and load our new icon.
    You will have to change the names of the material nodes to exactly the names that you have taken in the model cloner and just to be 100% sure you also should edit the names of the texture nodes (attention: when you change the texture names you also need to edit the Dt_name which refer to your new texture.

    And the final step would be to import your new custom texture for that icon

  • item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\F_b_shil_p.3db

    item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\F_b_hull_e.3db

    I use 2 different files.
    But dont know why game use only one, and next again default.
    Thank you, but help please with it.

    New bug: other guns use icon, second gun dont use any, and 3th gun(I not modified 3th) use new...

  • Try this: copy a ship's icon 3db file, rename it to whatever you want, change the texture to the one you want to use and see if it works. Remember: every time you do it take a different icon you didn't use before. This way the game won't be confusing them.

    Something off-topic I wanna say:
    Copying from Discovery is the very first beginning of every mod maker ever since Discovery was out. It's not like it's something wrong, but if you really want to practice your modding skills start from scratch. This way you'll learn the structure of different ini entries.
    Anyway, I have no idea what are your plans with this mod so just go on.

  • Em, excuse me...
    I verified all directories for files in folders and ini files, and in names of files...
    I dont know why, its idiotism of game...

    item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\equipicon_Bomberenergy1.3db

    item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\equipicon_Bomberlaser1.3db

    2 different files, but use nothing...maybe some cmp or mat files have a inputed ids in files,
    and check default files?(not Deutsche making of icons, more easy to make single tga files for icons, I tried, it was crash, if
    for icon game must use tga file).

    Please try to use weapon_good.ini and new icons. I dont know what problem here, why game dont want load this.

  • Ich denke wir sollten versuchen das problem auf deutsch zu lösen. I have die vermutung wir reden so ein bissl an einander vorbei.

    1. problem was mir aufgefallen ist wäre dass due TGAs benutzt aber nur die mip0
    TGA texturen benötigen aber alle MIPS nicht nur die größte version davon
    deswegen habe ich dir die beiden dateien nochmal als dds format geschickt (weil bei dds alle mips bereits enthalten sind)
    alternativ kannst du auch neue mip nodes erstellen und weiterhin TGA verwenden
    in deinem fall wäre dass dann
    MIP0 = 64x64
    MIP1 = 32x32
    MIP2 = 16x16
    MIP3 = 8x8
    MIP4 = 4x4
    MIP5 = 2x2
    MIP6 = 1x1

    2. vergiss den 2. punkt... probier erstmal die dateien die ich hochgeladen hab aus


    (Mine Deutsch not very good)


    What I did:
    I found in game some not used files, with names like equipicon_guni

    Reversed file for normal looking(while importing UTF reversed file, your files reversed also)
    TGA to DDS with generating MIPS(
    Renamed file for export to name of file in this equipicon_guni
    Renamed MIP0 to MIPS

    New files: I think in punkt Material Library need to rename Dt_name for new icons, or not.

    But look on screenshot!We did it!))))))))

  • Wie man Danke?

    But it is first icon, I want to make more icons.
    Please dont close topic.

    One icon work good, I tried to make new, I edited VmechLibrary(
    equipicon_gunF new name of file.

    I edited Dt_name to INV_gunF

    Dt_flags from @ to @@

    Type from DcDtOcOt to DcDtOcOt1

    In texture library name is INV_gunF.tga

    In all values I renamed tga to dds, because I use dds file.
    Nothing. One icon work good, new not work...

    I made type and Dt_flags to original, not work. TO

    not work...(