New bases don't show in buying commodities summary

  • Hello. I am running Flrebalance340full mod. I downloaded it years ago. Some of the new bases are not showing up in the commodity summary. When buying a commodity, there is a window at the bottom which shows prices for all known bases for the item. Base Greenfield and others in the Idaho system are not listed. I would like to fix this for my personal use if it's just an .ini file that needs editing.

    I tried adding the system to systems_shortest_path.ini, but that didn't help.

    Path = ia01, ia01, ia01
    Path = ia01, li01, ia01, li01
    Path = ia01, li02, ia01, li01, li02
    Path = ia01, li03, ia01, li01, li03
    Path = ia01, li04, ia01, li01, li04

    I can live with the problem, but I'm curious to know how this feature works.

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