The original Freelancer intro-why was it dropped?

  • I remember waiting for Freelancer some years after the original Starlancer and before the game came out there was the original intro shown, on this site if I remember right. This was the one that showed the Nomads arriving in the Sol system after the sleeper ships departed for Sirius and destroying much of the system. There was also a mention of a survivor called Atticus Rockford (If I'm correct). Why was this intro shortened? I know the music had to be changed because some of the music score from it was originally in Star Trek II:Wrath of Khan, but I never did find out why the intro was shortened. Was it considered too much of a spoiler for when the Nomads did appear in game?

  • You know, I can't remember when I got my first DVD-Rom drive, I never considered that might be a factor. The Nomads appearing probably would be a major factor in altering the intro, especially if you haven't seen it, it makes you wonder what's happening in the Sirius system with people acting strangely.

    I'm actually surprised how well this game holds up today, the environments still look nice, the character models being the only real thing that doesn't look so great. I wonder how a similiar game made today would be, though I suppose we'll see how Star Citizen turns out.

  • I have little hope with Star Citizen
    the game gets hyped and like most hyped games it will fall deep

    looking at the system requirements and the additional costs for a player i doubt that many can afford to play it
    many promissed that the developers made in the beginning are already broken

  • Well, MS never told us too much about the things they cut off from FL. In matter of fact, there were suppose to be features the current game engine can't be featurin even after the most advanced modifications we have.
    But this isn't the topic. This intro was initially not included in the game not only for the 2 reasons OP mentioned, but also because the story changed. The storyline was planned to be totally different as you can see in the earliest trailer. Nevertheless, the sequal had one option with the long intro, but two or more with the short intro. It gives us, the modders, more options.