About Paths

  • Hello there

    I managed to set paths into my mod, all works well except one kind which make crash the game, here's the sections:

    some explanations:

    these paths are supposed to start from a base, cross 3 mineable zones, and back to the base.

    Of course, all paths + Pop Zones crossed have the "Population additive" parameter set on "True"

    Can someone explain me where is the mistake?

  • many possible reasons

    trade paths usually go from one station to another or to another jumphole or gate (hard to explain that a station is trading with itself)

    then you should check if your faction is even able to use this kind of encounter -> does it have transports definied... do these transports belong to the correct class.... etc.

  • Yes, I all checked twice, loadouts, npcships are well configured as there are are no problems in other pop zones with the concerned npcships.

    I really think it's the path itself the problem, I checked the "Sort" number, seems good, checked all encounters, seems good too (I created some)...
    As you can see, I choose the "miningp_trade_transport" encounter, and of course the concerned custom faction can use it. But I read somewhere in Buck Danny's Tutorial ("Trying to understand encounters") that these path have nothing to do with mining and Into the mod, it's supposed to represent transports which load / unload the droid miners in the mining zone. So do I use the wrong parameter?

    The path start from a base and return to a base, maybe the problem is there, as the start and the end are the same.