System editing help

  • Okay I am creating a system.i have done most aspects but when I got to adding a nebula and encounters the game crash's on entry.i have working bases jump gates and trade lanes.i have taken out the exceptions in the nebula ini file and even tried using nebulas without exceptions can any one give any input here?

  • Haha, can enter and see nebulas and some encounters work mostly transports I can't get the area attack or area defend npcs to show up for some reason. The transports show up with the same zone an pop settings is there something special I need to add to get the policed and say liberty rouges to show up.i have the encounter set up with the proper npcs but they
    Never seem to spawn like the transports.

  • Okay I have npc's don't quite understand I but some are appearing. The next issue I have found is when I add nebulas they seem to smear from a distance and I enter them before swing their edge.i have one with a debris field around a planet and it is working there any input or assistance any one can give?i would really appreciate it.

  • make sure that you have npc ships defined in npcships.ini of the right level

    hope this helps a bit