How to make a absolutely new background?

  • Hi. I have downloaded a F_edit, there is utf editor, with it I extracted some dds\tga resources.
    I want make new background, but dont know how. I want a mono-image background, but if is better to make like in cmp file, I`ll try, but help with it)
    There I found a nebula image, I dont know where to place it, and how to edit this.
    I seen there a 3d model of simple sphere, I have a gmax.
    So, how to do it all?Thx. :)

  • Look down on the post please.


    Or more easy, I need a "cube" based starsphere, spherical, visually not cubic, like real looking.
    For 1024x1024 and for 4096x2048 and 2048x4096(numbers can be less, but its proportions)…ewtopic.php?topic_id=5293

    But how I can import it in freelancer engine?

  • i dont know what you want with new vmeshes that you downloaded from somewhere

    just take one of the already existing textures and edit it with utf just like i told you above
    there is absolutely nothing complicated in opening that files in utf, exporting the textures and then importing the edited textures.

    If you dont change the file type of the texture then you dont even need to change any utf nodes.
    MIPS -> dds (DDS textures are square textures)
    MIPS0-7 -> tga

    btw. using textures above 2048x2048 pixel can cause problems to some graphic cards and render white textures.

  • I dont found new vmeshes...
    I want cube starsphere, but game have a strange starsphere as default....
    Cube, most easiest background, where to find it for freelancer?
    Or how I can make it?

    I found one.
    Look in attachments, 7z file.
    7z in zip.
    Support 4096x4096

    Tell please, where I can get a milkshape pack for freelancer, to import\export models files and editing it?