The speed of jump lanes etc.

  • Hi

    Does anyone have an idea how fast a ship travels between jump lanes?
    Is there any background on Trent prior to Freeport 7?

    I'm thinking of continuing my fic - will see if I'll have the time, though.
    Good to be back after a long absence and glad to see LR is still going.

  • Edison Trent was a miner from Bretonia. Probably related to the IMG, though he had a deal with the GMG with this "rare ore" he risked his ass to sell Lonnigan (worked for the GMG, a friend of Trent). From details given during the game, he grew up with Tobias on Leeds.
    So if you want a nice military background you should go for King.

  • Thank you for the overview. I was actually hoping that Trent didn't have a military background, since at some point Stealth will criticize his flying skills and she classifies him as a civilian straight away. So his civilian background suits me.
    I see you are a corporal nowadays. I hope to make pfc this year myself. :)

  • True. Which means that I might be a private forever, since I don't feel like I have either. :S My experience is limited to playing FL (didn't do modding or scripting) and although I have finished the game before, I haven't yet explored everything in it. When last I played I was busy figuring out the most profitable trade options (I progressed as far as Kusari before my old laptop crashed. Will need to start all over now :P )