Expanding the universe: having more than one sector in the map (concept idea)

  • Major mods (CF for example) that expand the universe into several sectors beyound Sirius. The problem is that the universe map of the original game is too small to contain this huge amount of systems. Therefore, I thought of a method: The map of the galaxy with all the sectors could be the universe map (originally with all the systems). Then, every system would represent a sector in the galaxy. In every sector obviously there are several systems. Each system is represented by a jumpgate (a new kind with a custome star icon if you wish) that leads to the actual system. the actual systems are hidden from the full map. The paths between systems could be represented by tradelanes.
    Let's use the Crossfire map as an example:

    Now, for a custome background to use with the sector map, you can use a "Non_Selectable" object with an icon of the background you wish for.

  • I referred to it after the pics, but I'm not sure how good it is as a solution...
    Maybe there could be some plugin for such a feature, since the game originally was going to include this. The team planned to have different backgrounds for every sector in Sirius (you can see that the only one we have in the game refers specifically to Liberty).
    At least you can have a different color using a field.