Starlancer + Windows 7 32bit+ Creative Alchemy, How to use????

  • Hello, I have just installed a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS in my Winodws 7 system. The main reason I installed this 24 bit sound card was to enjoy the EAX accelerated hardware sound effects that Starlancer offers. Well do to MS smarts they removed the DirectSound 3d hardware layer in Windows 7, so in order to get accelerated sound effects from Directsound 3D games one must install Creative Alchemy to re enable the EAX effects. Alchemy works by converting DIrectsound 3d calls into Open AL calls, it dose this by inserting a couple of files into each game. I inserted the necessary files in to the Starlancer root file and guess what it dose not work. I am asking if anyone here has the same problem or has any experience in getting the EAX sound effects in Starlancer to work in Windows 7

    Any and all help will be appreciated

    Thanks. :)

  • It dose support both A3D and EAX I have a Windows 98 machine with a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 and it shows a selection for EAX in the Audio settings menu. So I guess no one has used Alchemy in conjunction with Starlancer?