Need volunteers for a writing 'game'

  • I'm going to post a short piece of writing, and I'd like volunteers to help write the 'story'.
    You should post a short piece of writing (preferrably not more than 4 sentences at a time), expanding on the preceding storyline.
    Once you have posted, you must wait for someone else to expand the storyline, before getting to post again.
    As long as your post is related to the storyline, you are allowed to take the story in whatever direction you think it should go.

    I'd really like to do this, so I ask members to take the time to participate. Adding a few sentences shouldn't take up much of your time, so please consider it.

    My next post will be the beginning of the story (which does not have a name and does not yet revovle around a specific topic).

  • Surrounded by darkness, obscured from view, and as motionless as the mountain’s rock around him, the sentinel kept watch on the camp far below. The orange glow of fires long lit shifted in the gloom, but their warmth was not for him. The night held the promise of rain as the strong south-western winds swept over the prone figure, their touch as cold as the ice on the distant lakes. He knew that this was a night on which the fortunes of the world would be changed, and many kingdoms would be reshaped, but how it would be remembered in future accounts, he dared not guess.