Problem: new voice entry crash

  • I added a new system, and spliced a voice entry for specific voiced that will be refering to this system.

    I added the new .wav file into the voice's .utf archive, under the hash of it's "msg_id_prefix" (gcs_refer_system_EW07; 0x83982148 ) and set a patrol to this jump hole.

    Now, whenever I enter the system in which the jump hole is located, the game crashes. FLSpit says nothing about this hash.

    Any help please?

  • 3D sound is on, but if it only works when it's off then it's no use.
    Point is, I replaced sound entries in the past and it worked with 3D sound. But when I added a new one, it crashes. maybe it's about the quality?

  • I triple-checked it, looks fine in all means of code.
    You can check it if you want:

    Other patrols and zone populations work perfectly.

    I'll try to add adoxa's mp3 codec fix, maybe it'll work.
    EDIT: It didn't. I'll try to re-export the file from the editor.
    EDIT: That didn't work either. I have no idea what's wrong.

  • I mabaged to get it to work after adding the value to voices_space_male under "msg = gcs_refer_system_EW07-", changing the hash id also with the minus in the end. apparently the minus is important...
    Sorry for wasting your time, and thanks for trying to help :)