New jump hole has no text

  • Hi there. I am new to this site today. I've finished Freelancer SP for the first time a few days ago and wanted to add a few jump holes of my own. I managed to add one, but the hole is blank (no text) when moused over both in space and on the sector map. Here is one of the holes from the California system, the other is pretty much the same. Why doesn't the msg_id_prefix setting lable the jump hole like it does for other gates/holes in similar fashion? Oh, and since this is my first editing attempt, I just guessed the ids_name values.

    nickname = Li02_to_Br03_hole
    ids_name = 999998
    pos = -30000, 0, -12500
    rotate = 0, -90, 0
    comment = Test Jump Hole Cambridge to California
    Archetype = jumphole_light
    msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_Br03
    ids_info = 66146
    jump_effect = jump_effect_hole
    visit = 0
    goto = Br03, Br03_to_Li02_hole, gate_tunnel_bretonia

    Also, what does the visit field do?

  • Does that mean I can copy the value of an Ids_Name from a jump hole object that jumps to the same system? Or does that mean that I must learn how to parse the dlls to find what ids I need? If so, what dll am I looking for and can you point me to a useful tool or tutorial?


    (EDIT): I tried using ids from other jump holes and it worked a charm. Thanks again. I am still interested in learning how to read/modify the dlls, if you can help...

  • I have a similar problem with a system i've added.
    The tradelane rings and the jump gates show only 'texas system sector g4' or similar.
    The ids_name for the jumpgate is correctly referenced in the dll
    The space_tradelane_name for the rings are also referenced appropriately.

    This is on an MP server so I can only assume that the reason the info doesn't show up as intended is that it doesn't yet exist on the server side. Once I get the test server back I can verify.

  • yes, all other objects are correctly labeled and identified. It's just the tradelane rings and the jumpgates that aren't.
    Again, it might be that I'm testing it using an MP server that does not have the files on that side yet.