Requesting help with SLExtractor/Sounds

  • 'Lo. I'm after the jump-drive spool-up sound in StarLancer (I believe it's warp or warpin.tga) and have been able to extract files using SLEdit. However, they're still in a useless tga format. I read somewhere about a tool called SL Extractor, however when I go to download and extract it from its .zip, I get an error saying that the file is invalid or empty, depending on the utility used.

    I'm using Windows 7, and tried the basic windows file extractor, .7zip and even winzip (figured an old file needed an old utility?). Nothing seems to be able to yank Extractor, ironically.

    I'm mainly just after the jump-drive and warp sounds, if someone has those, but if anyone might know how to get extractor to function that's be awesome, thanks.

  • the tga is clearly a texture

    I'm not familiar with game development or 15-year-old proprietary file-structure; the editor doesn't exactly give context, so I'm flying blind here.

    If TGA is a texture format, where would the sound files be? I've rifled through all three hogs, but the only recognizable format to me is .bin. (Doubt they'd be crammed into a binary file).

    I figured they'd be in resources.hog, but nothing in here is screaming sound folder. Not like I could do much with a '.shp' file, anyway.

  • tga is a targa texture file
    spr are sprites for the used effects
    shp are 3d models

    im not sure what sound files are called but they should also be in the hog containers

    there are some of these hog inside the SL installation folder and some are located on the 2nd CD