Memories and Reflection

  • Today I tried to log into Xfire.
    In 2005, I joined Xfire about the same time that I picked up a discount copy of freelancer from Gamestop.
    With the death of Xfire as I knew it, 10 yrs of fond memories have surfaced.
    The joy, disappointment and anger over the whole Hunters Association mess.
    The creation and struggle to maintain the Vanguard Federation of Freelancers.
    The Fall and resurrection of The Lancers Reactor.
    The creation of this very site (The Starport).
    The recent demise of the -=EOA=- Players Consortium.
    Microsoft pulling support and discontinuing the gunserver and the the creation of the fllistserver.
    The dear cryosphere that is beginning to crumble.
    The Freelancers Datapad, FlHook, Freelancer Clubhouse! - gone.

    I could go on, but it would take to long.

    Old friends:
    Achilles of Doom
    Predator & The Raven Clan - I still count myself among their ranks
    the C.A.F. of which I was proud to be a member
    Mutilator / Wyrmblight and his acerbic wit
    DragoonX - he struggled constantly with his dyslexia and I was proud to know him
    Boltar - all seeing pain in the ass
    Darth Malignant
    Undertow / xXUndertowXx aka UdderToe
    [OC] Killer B - SOOOO Annoying

    These are all i can remember at the moment. As my Xfire account is queued for download.

    I Hesitate to use the word "love" to describe my feelings, however, knowing these individuals and having been part of these groups was wonderful. The second childhood they brought about was certainly better than the first.

    - Whisper928 - {RaVeN}Seppuku - [CAF]V.A.D.I.M. - [BAF]Swan

    Now as I did so long ago while being hunted by a fleet of angry RaVeN, I leave you with these words:
    [X]Whisper - oh hell ohhelll ohhellllllll ........BOOM
    Player - [X]Whisper - was killed by a missile.
    {RaVeN}Predator - lol

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  • Freelancer, 12 years old this past March. I still pay the game, not as much as I used to but, there's not a week that goes by, I don't. I have a lot of good memories though. I can't remember everyone that I've run into, (old age catching up with me) but, I do remember and can see where a lot of those times have faded away when I open my Freelancer Account Manager. Of all the accounts I've created for the multi-dozen characters I've used, many of them are still stored in that application. All I have to do is, click on an account, look to the right side of the page where I can see all my characters names listed, with each server they were on and the memories return, however, many of them are no longer available anymore. Even so, I haven't deleted those characters from that list of accounts. Memories are stored in them and all the good times I've had playing Freelancer.

    I've yet to install Freelancer on my W7 due to the complications I've run into over the years of trying but, I have it installed on other XP systems I have without fault. Multiple installs for all the different Sp/Mp, mods/servers I've played and joined as well. Even my bookmarks list in my browsers, still have websites I used to visit but, nowadays when I click on one, it comes up empty for they are no longer available. Saddening to see.

    With all that said, as the title reads, I'll never forget all the death & destruction I caused and all the good (bad) players I've come to know over all those past years playing the game.

    I'm on Steam a lot now and whenever I see a familiar name that reminds me of those days when playing Freelancer, I always ask that player/member if, they've ever played the game to see if they are one of those players of long ago and in hopes of reflecting on some of the times we had. Many times, that hope & dream, fails. Many times, when I mention the game, often, their reply is that they've never even heard of it. :(

    All that being said, Freelancer will never fade, as long as, I have mods and my computers to play it on. It's still fun in single player and multiplayer when I choose to go online. Less multiplayer due to W-XP not being supported but, I have yet to have any issues with it every since. There's not been a Space Sim created that is, as good as, Freelancer and to me, there never will be.

  • Hi Mandrake
    <corpse for nima / evo>
    Win 7 runs fl very well for me too, i find there is no need to install the game just run your old installs, for some things a few dlls have to besought for like if you are modding or running a server.
    I have installed fl on win 7 with no problems, i have run old installs from xp with no problems.
    If you have problems try this:
    copy / install freelancer dir to a drive other than your root/system drive.
    In safe mode logged in as admin change the freelancer dir permissions / take ownership (if you needed to) / add users "everybody" full control.