help with animations.

  • Hi again.
    I have found some interesting animations, thanks too "Jeider" for the lead, however they keep looping is there a way to make them play once ??
    from "\DATA\Universe\Systems\Br01\Bases\Rooms" x.ini

    1. animation = Sc_no loop

    thanks for your replay.

  • are you refering to the landing animations he discovered in the beta version?
    if so then your approach is wrong

    you need to include the corresponding thn files as launch and landing definition to the playership hardpoint of the room

    if not related to that you might want to take a closer look at your animation definition

    animation = Sc_no loop

    ... or use something like a oneshot animation
    i think its animation_oneshot or something like that

  • I did every thing right :)
    copy the launch land files for the deck .thn files from beta to scripts/bases
    edit the room files for decks with land and launch anim calls

    1. animation_oneshot = Sc_no loop

    to open the doors once

    Jeider "Use animation_oneshot instead animation."

    it all works great :)

    btw < corpse > :)

  • im not quiet sure if using that animation at that point would be right

    i have not tested it yet but I would assume that the doors open everytime you switch rooms
    intentional however would be to open the doors when the landing and launching happens

    with other words I would prefer to trigger that animation directly from the thn files instead.

  • ok finally had a chance to test it
    and yes... my assumption was correct

    i wouldnt use the animation in the room files
    its alot better to include them into the thn files
    and while at it it makes also sense to add sound to it

    it also looks like there are animations which play reversed so it would be required to change the order of the channel frames

  • yep
    alot better when its done via thn scripting

    Ive finished one landing script meanwhile.
    It has sound coming from the ship engines... a bit dust when the ship hits the ground.
    The door opens right before the ship flies through and then I made the door close again.
    The door animations wont trigger each time I switch the room... they only run when I land/launch.

    Thats alot better.

  • You rock :)
    you could make one deck like a planetscape, and use that one to enter/exit the base, then use other deck2 for equips, ships etc.. ???
    hmmz my thorn editor is bugged ><

  • possible but not really required
    FL already uses different rooms for the traders/dealers but even if they are all in the same room it would work
    the scripts really play only when you dock or launch... and so would only play the animations when you dock or launch

    so far i only did one script
    i guess there are about 20 that need to be done.... some work for the weekend