Deactivate mission videos?

  • Hello,

    is there any way to deactivate the mission videos?

    And - is there the possibility to switch from Fullscreen to WIndowed mode during play?


  • one way would be to edit all mission files to now play the cut scenes
    but since some of the following mission triggers check if a cutscene has been played you might break the entire storyline with that

    you can switch between fullscreen and window mode with alt+enter

  • Good morning and thanks for your answer!

    Alt+Enter doesnt work on my system. Do I have to edit options or something like that for this to work?

    And for the mission videos - which lines would I have to edit? The ones like "offer = scriptsstorys009a_offer_King_li_01_Bar_01.thn"?

    Which files are the mission videos? Maybe they can be replaced by something shorter?

  • Doesnt work on my system. What could be the problem?

    The normal storyline mission "videos" can be skipped if you set the duration in the corresponding files to a low value. For example:

    (...and the other "s032..."-files except "s032e_decision_dexter_br_05_bar_01.thn" which gives you the option of taking or decling the mission)

    first line:

    I've set it to
    duration=1 ; 47.736

    And it works. It jumps directly to the mission-offer.

    Also, all "fidget"-files may not be altered in duration. They seem to place the NSCs where they should be.