• Hi guys!

    I’m Blake who some might recognise from the other FL forums out there or you've seen my 'Worlds of Freelancer Tour HD+ENB video series from years ago. I’m a huge Freelancer fan, completed the game multiple times and quite enjoy modding its graphics with HD texture packs and dark ENBs to take away some of it’s age. I guess I can’t call myself a superfan as I don’t play any FL multiplayer as I’ve always been more of an old fashioned single player with most games. Although I sometimes enjoy watching lots of videos of other peoples multiplayer server games.

    I can’t program and I’m not much of an artist but I’m not too bad with pixel art and retro stuff so I try to help fan projects where I can. I’m the creator of Star Trek Doom & Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen which got some attention on Rock, Paper Shotgun and PC Gamer a few years back which was a nice surprise considering the simplicity of my work haha. These days I'm mostly doing Civ2 modding & scenario making (20 years too late haha).

    I run a retro Freelancer Legacy gaming website that covers the official game and a lot of the big fan made addons I can find out there as there’s such an amazing fan community here creating so much cool content. Will post more about it in your FL general discussion forum at some point as I’m always looking for fan help on spotting large scale addon projects I don’t know about.

    I also run a Freelancer facebook group these days as it bugged me that Freelancer didn't have an active presence there.

    I only just found out about this place from some link exchanges between my facebook group and the FL reddit & Discord communities. Shame on me for not finding it on my own haha!

    Oh well.. in the meantime it’s good to be here!

    Blake's Sanctum:

    - Total Conversion mods: Star Trek Doom 2, Quest for Glory IV-3D Hexen, & Star Wars Civilization 2
    - Game Shrines: Age of Wonders, Babylon 5 Games, Command & Conquer, Elder Scrolls, Dune Games, Final Fantasy, Freelancer , Heroes of Might & Magic, Master of Magic, Quest for Glory Series, Starflight, & Star Trek Games

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