Custom Hardpoints

  • Is there anyway to make a new/custom hardpoint for ships? I had an idea, and wanted to see if I can make "bodykits" for some of the crafts in my mod.

  • if u have model in milkshape, (ie totaly new ship), just copy another triangle over existing and give it texture name which has HardPoint01 or similar, then refere to that in shiparch.ini

  • well i never used maya, but procedure should b same, for instance try:
    duplicating surface (where u want hp)
    then create texture for surface with name only (ie HpMount01)
    i think it will work...
    does anyone else had sucsess with editing in maya?
    coz if theres exporter in maya which can work with FL it would b rly nice

    hint ... u can find milkshape on torrents ....

  • Quote from "Knife"

    hint ... u can find milkshape on torrents ....

    Come to think of it, that may or may not be how I obtained Maya. a copy of milkshape...won't work with

  • Milkshape on vista, ... actually ANY software on vista, HOW-TO
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    i hope this helps

  • If all you're doing is adding HP's, you can do that in HardCMP. Naming them in your own way is as easy as clicking the "not in list" box and typing in your new name there. Doing HP's in Milkshape does have the bonus of exporting the hitbox when you export a SUR file though. Still, you need to tweak orientation and position in HardCMP afterwards anyways. As for labelling them in the group list:
    depending on the type, and that is a Pipe character (shift+"\" on U.S. keyboard) separating each naming part. As for material, usually you want to create a generic high visibility color, ensure it's applied to all HP triangles, then when ready to export -> delete the material so they all show "no material".
    Last thing: the HP's must be after ALL the actual meshes when exporting.
    The internal ones I don't even bother with in MS, otherwise they end up sticking to a part of your ship that you did not intend them to, just create in HardCMP.