Jumpgate Passes

  • No more of, you can't access this gate unless you have commodity "Gate Key 003-A". The way Juni does it in the story I know how to do, but i was wanting to make this Open SP/MP.

  • Only thing my knowledge allows is setting a shield on gates like the one tradelanes have, so when the shield is down the gate won't be dockable.

    A bit far from your point though.

  • Sure FLAC or FLHook can do this, but it also require client-side modifications. You know gates can be locked/unlocked for each player individually, it can even occur while you are in space. Simply add new commodities (to clients as well), Gate-Access-003-NY-C, etc, set FLAC/FLHook to recognize it, and then disable gate lock (remove locked_gate entry from player-file). A commodity should look like this:
    nickname = gate_Li01_to_Li05
    ids_name = XXXXXX
    ids_info = XXXXXX
    units_per_container = 1
    loot_appearance = lootcrate_lair_power_cell
    decay_per_second = 0
    volume = 5.000000
    hit_pts = 250
    gate_key = 2293678337 <- you need the hash (or CRC or what the hell) code, you also need to generate for jumpgates NOT FOUND in initialworld.ini.

    Edit: BTW jumpgate TICKETS sound better I think, they can be purchased on border stations... :D So after the jump, your ticket is gone.

  • Cool!

    I was wondering how to script authorized activation/deactivation of all gates and jump holes as a side mission thread. I thought it would be interesting to assume that every jump hole has a particular frequency that you'd have to know (i.e. buy, learn, or otherwise earn) before it could be used. Jump Gates would in theory have them as well, but the purpose of the Gate surrounding the jump hole would be to control access without relying on the frequency knowledge.

    I didn't want to have to write mission scripts for every hole. But this/these FLAC/FLHook tool(s) you're talking about hints at other possibilities....

  • Yo,

    This is the only topic where I have found something about these hash codes of the jump gates / holes located in the initialworld.ini.

    I'm writing a software that can explore the whole FL universe via the ini files and I was able to figure out most of the information by now. I'd also like to determine if a jump gate / hole is enabled or not (to be able to generate correct shortest paths for example). But hard-coding these hash values is not an option because a mod can have new ones as well.

    So my question is: does anyone know how to generate these hash values for the jump gates/holes and/or convert them back to nicknames or whatever?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Generating hash codes is the easy part, for example download and run the program below...

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://digitalbrilliance.com/Downloader/index.php?action=downloads&id=33">http://digitalbrilliance.com/Downloader ... oads&id=33</a><!-- m -->

    Converting them back is impossible without a lookup table. That is just the nature of hash codes, it's a one-way conversion. That is the reason they are used for your password stored on every forum. You will need to build a complete table of all of the jump nicknames with their respective hashes to convert back and forth.

    BTW, there is alot of free FL utilities I have written and you can get them by following the link below...

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://digitalbrilliance.com/Downloader/index.php?action=category&id=7">http://digitalbrilliance.com/Downloader ... egory&id=7</a><!-- m -->

  • Thanks for your reply, this is a very nice tool!

    Although what I would need is the hash generation algorythm itself, so I could generate them for all jump gates/holes and convert them back.

    Is it possible that you can share the algorythm or the source code with me? :)