• Hi Thorsword -
    This has been talked about quite a bit, and people have differing options to go by. Of course, I'm thinking of the mandated race in Vanilla FL when one must race with Hovis as I figure you are. Couple things to consider - What ship are you using?; i.e., is it a fighter w/good speed or not, and have you tried flying w/out using cruise engines? There are some good options to be found within these forums here, and I can only say that I always use the cruise engines immediately and focus on the rings ahead of the one directly next in front so as to anticipate how to turn. Do a search for 'Hovis' or 'winning the race' to see some other detailed possibilities. Good stuff to be found here... Good Luck and Good freelancing!

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  • I've never liked the race and thought it didn't belong in the game. Still, there is no way around it. At first, I'd lose every time. I'd miss a gate and that was it. Then I sort of fell into a pattern of hitting every gate without trouble. Hovis messes up near the end, so if you make all of the gates you'll beat him.

    One good thing about the race: it is the only one in the game! ;)