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    John Crichton was testing out a theory in his space module that he could get up to really high speeds by accelerating in a planets atmosphere at just the right time and angle, and using a sling-shot effect. While performing his test flight, he got involved with an electromagnetic storm and then accidentally went through a wormhole... Sci-Fi Channel does put out a lot of crap, but I would have to say that Farscape doesn´t fall into this category. While the show often has cheezy moments, the show´s plots and events are much more original and less predictible on average than many of the newer star trek shows. Enterprise, on UPN, seems much different than Voyager, which is a really good thing. So far I have enjoyed the eps that I have watched, but unfortunately all these sci-fi shows and movies have something embarassing about them, like the russian voices in StarLancer were embarassing. If someone only saw that portion of the game they would think that the rest was crap as well, while the rest of us know better. Tach - how can you say that about any show being in the current time isn´t sci-fi? Do you know how many sci-fi shows / movies are supposed to be during the present time? Any movie with an alien in it is really sci-fi, or really the use of any technology that is fictional, and how many movies do we have were aliens are attacking earth?

    Star Killer - Using a tatical nuclear weapon is not something that should be taken lightly, and should only be used by the U.S. as a last resort - such as a weapon of mass destruction being used on a major U.S. city killing millions, such as nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon. Otherwise you risk killing millions of inocent people, isolating the United States from the rest of the world, possibly destablizing governments and truly starting a world war. Maddog - They are softening up air defenses now, but after threats from the air are gone for U.S. troops, they will probably take control of an old soviet air base in Afghanistan and use it to launch ground troops and further bombing action on the Taliban and terrorist hideouts with the help of the Northern alliance. We will just have to wait and see. Regardless, the Taliban won´t be left in power like Sudam Husien.

    Yeah I found those on a web site somewhere... I am really not into card games at all except maybe poker <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> I just found some schematics for the Jem´Hadar warship as well if anyone is interested (sorry about the size but if I reduce the resolution the images lose critical fine details): <img src=´ schematic.jpg ´> <img src=´ schematic.jpg ´> <img src=´ and back schematic.jpg ´>

    Yeah he did but the texture wasn´t that great and the model was low in detail. The Defiant was done like that originally, and then somebody made a greatly improved version. I was hoping that somebody would do the same for the Jem´Hadar fighter.

    I still suggest that the Jem Hadar fighter could be greatly improved (like the Defiiant was) and nobody has attempted the Jem Hedar warship. Here are some photos: <img src=´ ´> <img src=´ ´> <img src=´ ´> <img src=´ ´> <img src=´ ´> Edited by - Fuzzball on 7/27/2001 6:11:27 AM

    I posted on this very subject in November, you can find the post <A href=´;FORUM_ID=7&amp;CAT_ID=2&amp;Topic_Title=Know+how+to+CURE+MOOSE%21&amp;Forum_Title=Editing+Forum&amp;M=True&amp;S=True´ Target=_Blank> here. </a> The problem like I said is the mission specific comms. Sometimes Moose says important mission specific things and you wouldn´t get this info if you replaced the comms. There are also hundreds of files I believe for Moose...

    I think the interview would be out sooner but bargib is playing the freelancer beta on his system <img src=smilies/icon_smile_wink.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

    How about that I War 2 ? <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> DSA - you can never get to light speed so it doesn´t. If you could it would only stop for you and not people on Earth. As you approach the speed of light, the time dialation approaches infinity. The whole approaches thing is from Calculus i.e. limit as v-&gt;infinity You see this is actually a good thing in a way... We know you can´t go faster than light, but if you generate enough energy, accelerate at a slow enough rate that you don´t crush yourself, and get close enough to the speed of light, you can have such a huge time dilation that you would be able to travel anywhere in a short ammount of time to you assuming you don´t run into something and can find a way to slow down. LIke if you were able to get up to .999999999c, which would take 2.01 x 10^23 joules for a 100 kg mass, (The total energy consumption of the United States in one year is 10^20 joules a year), and the time dialation (lorentz factor) would be 22360.7 which means that you could reach a star that is 22360.7 light years from Earth in a little over a year to you but in a little over 22360.7 years to us. So it makes interstellar travel possible, but not very convienent =) I wonder if the controls in I War 2 are any better than I War 1 <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

    Come on Tach, don´t be so obtuse, we can prove that time dialation as predicted by special relativity exists and that the underlying principal of relativity that the speed of light is constant in all inertial reference frames is true. If you took a space ship away from earth at .99 c (c = speed of light) then you would experience a time dilation of about 7 which means from Earth you appear to be moving seven times slower when you are walking around your space ship but the ship still looks like it is moving at .99c from earth. To you time seems to go normally, but you will notice that the star that was 4 light years away when you were on Earth, now seems like it is only .56 light years away. If you were traveling at .999C, the time dialation would be approx 22.4 so for every 22.4 seconds we experience on earth you would experience 1 second on your ship. The star that was 4 light years away from the Earth´s reference frame now seems like it is only .179 light years away. So you will reach the star in a little over .179 years to you, but it will be a little over 4 years to us. We can prove that time dialation exists because particles with well established half lives will live longer if they are traveling at relativistic speeds with respect to the earth and the time that they live directly agrees with relativistic equations. There is also a well known experiment using two nuclear clocks. If you haven´t heard of a nuclear clock, they are extremly accurate to like thirteen or more decimal places. They did an experiment where they took two fighter jets each with a synchornized nuclear clock, and one left this base with the rotation of the Earth, and the other left in the exact opposite direction. At the end of the experiment the clocks were compared and they were no longer synched. They were a few miniscule fractions of a second off, but even at low speeds like several thousand miles per hour, time dialation can be predicted and detected. As far as the underlying principal of realtivity that the speed of light is constant in all reference frames: If the speed of light wasn´t constant in all inertial reference frames then since the Earth is traveling several thousand miles per hour around the sun, and this star system completes one full turn around our galaxy every 300 million years, and the galaxy is moving at some great speed, then the speed of light should be different in different directions from earth but it is constant in all directions and at all speeds wrt earth, which means that time dialation MUST exist otherwise this wouldn´t be possible. The thing about time stoping and being everywhere at once is still impossible. You can never reach the speed of light for several reasons: Matter is essentially energy, and when you get moving at speeds near the speed of light, your kinetic energy increases so much that you gain relativistic mass which makes it harder to speed up. Also, since distances decreases from your reference frame when you get moving that fast with respect to earth, the Galaxy essentially gets thicker, meaning that the stray particles that are out there in space spread out over great distances get compressed from your vantage point and you have a great deal of friction on your craft. The time dialation approaches infinity as you approach the speed of light also. And the final thing neglecting the friction is that it would take like trillions of dollars to produce enough energy with current methods to get something going like .99 c and it would take an infinite ammount of energy to get something up to or beyond the speed of light. Our best hope for interstellar travel would be shortcuts in space or some kind of wormhole technology, but even if you could create a wormhole, the tidal gravitational forces would be so great, that they would rip anything apart. Maybe I shouldn´t drink anymore beer this evening <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

    The LDS drive goes near light speed (.99 c) but not at light speed otherwise the time would stop, all distances would go to zero and you would be everywhere at once, and you would have infinite mass so kinda like Microsoft <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> I-WAR 1 controls are a pain, but I thought all the true physics stuff was kinda interesting, especially the time dialation when using the LDS drive. The biggest problem that I had in I-WAR 1 was that I kept running into enemy ships in combat and when you collide, your ship is pretty much toast. Edited by - Fuzzball on 7/1/2001 6:57:11 PM

    People are sheep, and TV is the shepard for many of them. It is amazing what people will buy, like magnets to supposedly help healing or increase blood flow. At most the magnets would pool blood in one area and not let it leave assuming you had a really strong magnet, and is that really a good thing? Also some of these magnet people claim that they have monopole magnets, something that not even physicists can make yet. Now there are some proper medical uses for changing magnetic fields like for aiding in the healing of broken bones (something to do with small induced currents in muscle causing them to tighten and also strenghten the bone they are attached to), but these require the fields to be changing which none of the products out there have. I have a DirecTV dish and this stupid &quot;Miss Cleo Tarrot Card Reading Commerical&quot; with this Irish / Jamican / something accent (I haven´t decided what kind of accent it is yet because it seems to change depending on what she is saying) must come on dozens of channels for a total of around 90 spots a day. It wouldn´t be on so many channels and on each channel so often if there weren´t so many DAMN stupid people!!!!! My stupid neigbhors´ kid racked up $600 on physic hotline calls. Her parents were really pissed, but luckily since she was under 18 and they didn´t give her permission, so they were able to get out of the charges. I don´t claim to know anything really about advertising except what I have seen work in the past, and it seems that just getting the name Freelancer out there is to millions of people is better than getting all the details about the game to only a select few people that really want the game. I have mentioned Starlancer and Freespace Games to so many people that I know, and except the online community here and a couple friends that I talk to all the time, everyone else say that they have never heard about it. I think that it is wrong, but people often think that if they haven´t heard about it on TV or some other medium that it probably isn´t a professional product worth going to. Movies are a good example, a movie that you have never heard about and has been out for months will probably be a B movie and a waste of time. There are exceptions to everything though. Given the small size of the space sim community, word of mouth can only reach a small number of people so most people will probably pass it over in the store. I have done it: I see some game on the shelf that looks like it might be cool but because I have never heard about it I won´t buy it. I might look it up on the Internet latter, and then maybe buy it, but the publisher just lost that impulsive buy that I would have made if I had heard something about the game. The easiest thing for the publisher to do is to get some good box art. This is ´FREE´ advertising in that it really doesn´t cost that much extra to get a some kick ass box art going on. I think that Freespace 2´s box and StarLancer box probably discourged more people from buying it than encourge. I looked at the boxes when I first got them and thought that they were lame. Wing Commander Prophecy´s box looked ten times better than either. It doesn´t really take a marketing genius to say that a flashy great looking box will help sales. These are just my thoughts and not the laws of the Universe... Edited by - Fuzzball on 6/23/2001 6:59:50 PM

    Not to get off topic, but since someone asked: I live in a small town in the foothills of Northern California about 30 miles from Sacramento on the wrong side of Folsom Lake namely ´Pilot Hill´. Fiber optic cabling was run around six miles from my house to a development that makes up the majority of the population in the area in the town of ´Cool´. They will get DSL or cable access probably in the next 2 years, but there is a snow balls chance in hell of it getting here any time soon because the population here is only around 600 and the homes are spread over 5-10 acre parcels so it just isn´t worth it for the company. We don´t even have city water yet; everyone in this town is using electric pump driven wells. We do have power and all of our teeth, and all the inbreeding goes on in the nearby town of Georgetown <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Actually most of the people here commute to Sacramento for work so there are some nice houses. I will have finished college and moved out of this house before DSL or cable gets here... so that´s another thing to look forward to.

    Co-op would be cool for me, but currently Cable and DSL internet access isn´t available where I live, and with a 56K modem I can only get a 26400 connection. Lag = single player only <img src=smilies/icon_smile_sad.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Edited by - Fuzzball on 6/18/2001 7:36:12 PM

    Cool news Bargib. What do you have in mind for the contests? Tachyon - not to defend ST Voyager, the Borg were actually weakened first in ST First Contact by allowing the Federation Forces to destroy the Borg Cube, in the first encounter it only took them like two minutes to adapt to their weapons, and after adapting they were an invincible force of nature that would keep coming until you were dead or assimilated. The cube in Best of Both Worlds totaled like 25 starships without getting a scratch. You would assume that the cube in First Contact would have the same ability to adapt to new weapons technologies developed in the time since their last encounter. They also introduced the Borg Queen which in a way weakened the Borg: Before First Contact the borg had a collective intelligence that wasn´t subject to the mistakes of a head ´evil villian´ and was this vast resource of knowledge which allowed them to adapt quickly to new technologies and could never be negotiated with. Voyager did agitate this even further by species 8472 with the advanced weaponry and the line of thought that the Borg can´t adapt to what they can´t assimilate, which doesn´t really make any sense based on previous encounters. The Janeway - Borg Queen relationship, the series finale... I think that if they didn´t soften up the borg a little bit especially with the advent of transwarp conduits that it would be hard to believe that the Borg wouldn´t have taken over the entire Delta Quandrant by now. It seems that all species fear them, and most fall victim to them. Best Regards, Dustin &quot;Fuzzball&quot; Evans

    Internet advertising is a must, as long as it isn´t just limited to hardcore gaming sites. I like your idea about search engines because you will get at more than just the hard core gammer types. The most successful games appeal to all levels of computer users like &quot;The Sims&quot; - which is a game that I don´t like, but millions do. Another great idea might be to release a demo BEFORE the game is released to stir up some word of mouth and anticipation. Hey, I was looking at the videos from Freelancer and they showed quite a few atmospheric shots, but I am not sure if these are just automated landing sequences or scripted events or actual realtime flight. What I am wondering since you can supposedly &quot;Go Anywhere&quot;, does Freelancer have the long awaited space to atmospheric flight abilty... not seen since Wing Commander III and IV???? What would really be cool if there were no loading time in between: You are flying in space, you spot the city you want to land at from several hundred kilometers up, and then you head toward it, the city gets bigger, more detailed. Then boom, you come out of the low level clouds and there it is and you land!

    Tach - are you bagging on California? Californians don´t have accents, all you people from the South, East, and North do =) As far as how many people don´t speak English, it really depends on what area in California you are in. If you are down in Southern California or big agricultural area you will run into a lot of spanish speaking people, but up in Northern California it is much less common. Up here in the foothills where I live it is hard to find anyone who isn´t white and English speaking but down in the city you can find some Russians etc... etc...