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    Maybe Bargib could "rehash" the old poll too in addition to the "custom ship" poll, because maybe favorites have changed over more time playing the game.... just a thought. Besides, we´d have two! Two Polls!!! AH-Ah-Ah-Ah-! (ok, so my niece watches Sesame Street, and she wouldn´t let me change the channel. Kids.)

    Maybe, but this is starting to sound more and more like a space version of Diablo. I can only left click so much before my interest will die. I hope he´s wrong and the missions are truly amazing, because the missions are gonna be the games only saving grace (slick graphics aside)

    We´ve beaten this horse dead. MAybe Barghib should make a poll for this on the front page (or has that been done to death too?)

    As far as I´ve seen, the turrets rotate, like they´re trying to target hostiles, but they never fire. Maybe it´s some programming glitch that never got fixed before final release.

    you can feed the fish??!!!! I gotta try this tonight. You guys better not be jokling about this, I´ll be real pissed if I´m up at three in the morning trying to figure out how to feed fish in a computer game....

    Garvy, it comes out to about 68 pounds for FF2 Moleman, my FF2 didn´t come with any games, so I´m not sure of the differences. I did notice that the stick has some kind of sensor (IR?) that recognizes that the stick is being grabbed. Sometimes when I play, if I let go of the stick, it goes "limp" and the stick sometimes pops forward to a neutral position if the FF was in use... doesn´t seem to affect the stick any....

    dunno how much &quot;quid&quot;, that´s a new currency for me. FF2 is $99 US Dollars, FF1 is $50..... I´m gonna take a wild guess that quid is that new Euro Dollar thing, so $99 US is about 105 Euro. Damn, I don´t even have that funky &quot;L&quot; thing for European money....I just spent 5 minutes looking for it <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Edited by - RAMJET on 2/3/01 7:57:20 AM

    WOW. Great models. Does the midsection on the destroyers rotate as in the show too?

    I finally beat Mission 24 for the first time too. Here is what I learned: Staying out of the ion cannon´s way is a piece of cake when you know the blind spots. The ion cannon is on the bottom of the Borodin, so ALWAYS make your approach from the top. Stay about 300 K away until you can align yourself with the top of the station. You are safe when you are about level with the 4 top outer towers (the one´s with the antennae and 2 turrets each). When you need to move in closer to get the rest of the turrets. Pretend your a cockroah and hug the &quot;spine&quot; of the station. As long as you hug the spine, the cannon won´t target you (even though it rotates with every movement you make to try to get you). When it becomes time to defend the rippers, leave the Borodin through the top again. This keeps you safe from the ion cannon, and the 1st wave of Coalition fighters pops out of jump near the top of the station. Then you can pick them off before they even get near the rippers. Hope this helps. Your on your own for saving Klaus Steiner though <img src=smilies/icon_smile_sad.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

    WEll here´s another Sidewinder problem for ya. I have the FF2, and it works great. I also have the Freestyle Pro. I cannot get both sticks to be recognized when plugged in at the same time. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Sidewinder Control program/ drivers (also erased the old version that came with the Freestyle Pro), I tried both in the USB, the FF2 in the USB with the Freestyle in the gameport on my sound card, and they won´t work. When I try to make the Sidewinder program search for the joystics, it erases the FF2 and puts 2 Freestyle Pros in. Any ideas on how to get them to co-exist?

    This is a cool idea. Now if I could only convince my friends.. I just built a game server for some friends to get together on and create a squadron, but they seem more interested in Freespace 2 than Starlancer. Time will tell I guess..... Still trying to get Starlancer to run on the server properly. Anybody ever run SL on Windows 2000 Advanced server?

    I can´t wait either Dev, it´ll be SWEET having a mission editor! As for defense missions, I just pray, because seriously, it doesn´t matter if I´m right next to the object I´m supposed to be protecting, they always seem to tak a good beating despite my best efforts. ESPECIALLY the Gamma Bombers in the mission where you go after the asteroid base and they get ambushed just before you meet up with the supply ship. Has anyone ever saved both Gammas on that one? I did it once by sheer luck, and I haven´t been able to duplicate it.

    Deviant, I think you missed the point I was trying to make. Yeah, it is probably easier to kill the basilik with a Nova cannon, but can you do it *as quickly*? by the time you charge up that nova cannon, you probably could have pumped him full of screamers and moved on to your next target. And if you miss with the Nova, then you gotta wait for it to charge up again. Meanwhile the idiots that are supposed to be your wingmen are dying. The Vagabond missle is cool Kyp, but for speed purposes, I can usually pick out the cloaked ships just by eye (or wingmen running away scared). Why wait for him to uncloak to use a Vagabond, when you can pump him full of screamers right that second when you see him? SCREAMERS BABY!!!!! <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Edited by - RAMJET on 1/12/01 4:49:06 AM

    That´s a good point on the leading the target. that´s kind of why I like flying ships without blindfire to distract/tempt me. I´ll also have to use that remap, I never check on my wingmen, because they are always goofing off while I´m getting my rear end blown out from under me.... I STILL can´t use Reverse thrust properly. *sigh* Edited by - RAMJET on 1/12/01 4:43:31 AM

    It´ll takes some work, but you´ll get it stinger. Boscoe has the right plan. Your probably making more than one pass to blow up the turrets, and that´s costing you time. You need to take out turrets in one pass as much as you can. Once you line up the turret, slow down a bit, pump some power to the shields, and use the screamers in tandem with the guns. What I do is line up the screamers, pump them till the turret is down to about 75%, and then finish them off with guns. The key is controlling your speed, so you get the job done in one shot. Having to line up another pass just makes it harder. Don´t forget the radar jammer, it will help alleviate the flak you get from the turrets. Edited by - RAMJET on 1/12/01 4:21:07 AM Edited by - RAMJET on 1/12/01 4:24:10 AM

    Well, the guy in Privateer flew spaceships with....... (all together) KEYBOARDS!!! I rest my case <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Just bought a MS Force Feedback 2 tonight, gonna have to try it out and see what you joystick people are yapping about.... <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> But keyboard still rocks (*ducks hailstorm of keyboards thrown by the joystick crowd*)