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    thanks for the reply guys but i dont have broadband so to download something that big would take me lopnger than waiting for it to come to normal tv. LOL so if anyone knows someone who has it let me know. cheers guys

    WahSuppDude in reaction to your review, firstly the ships do still have some issues but yes as it has been stated the mod is supposed to be hard, we are trying to make people join together more than in the original game. create more clans, groups etc. also we have tried to make people take on others as wing men to help them deliver there cargo this way people who hate trading dont have to and it adds a bit more effort envolving the player, instead of simply pressing autopilot. there are many more weapons to issued into the mod, however if we give you uber weapons it will only counter act the playability of the mod. there are many more freighters in the game, The yt1300,yt2000,yt2400,yv666,corellian corvette,r45 to name but a few. may i suggest you do a bit more exploring, and yes they are expensive but then they have to be to give the game more playabilty the star destroyer unfortuantely does still disapear at close range, until the elusive .sur files are cracked this problem cannot be solved. the problem is being worked on by many people spending every credit on a ship, when you buy your first ship i suggest you choose your equipment better you can easily end up with a 1000 credits to buy cargo, or you could do a mission. if you read the readme you will see the prologue of the mod you will understand why you have a cargo pod, plus as it was stated in this thread earlier, its so you can choose which faction you want to be sided with, remeber if you choose the tie then you will be sided with the empire and so-on, this is infact a feature of the mod. please remember unlike many mods this is directed by the star wars universe and although we have a huge database to get all our info we do have to stick to the realities of that information.

    Reynen the fact was never who created what first but who created what. I think 1997 beats May 2003. after all the flaming in posts lately I would have thought you had learned to read threads properly before posting Since Bakedpotato is an admin I will take his word for it. If he believes spawn has infact recreated the model then that is good enough for me. Maybe in the mods readme you should add a note because I know a lot of people out there have used Stefan’s models for renderings and animations or such ( including me which is why I brought the subject up ) and someone else may bring it up again. I would also like to add a note. To the way people have replied to this subject. With maturity and respect. No one has called each other names or started flaming just pure debate and facts. Maybe the last week has had a good effect after all. now I will not add another word since I class the subject closed I would like to ask though how big the poly count is on spawns model cos it still looks rather high for freelancer? and on a final note i congradualte spawn on a fantastic model

    nope not going too. those ships in the above image are clearly his own designs and look good (unless someone knows otherwise), credit given where it is due. this was simply a chance for spawn to further his comment. if he has indeed mimicked / copied stefan´s original model then hes has done a fantastic job and well done to him. i was just pointing out without some proof it´s abit hard to believe. heres a pic of stefans model and spawn mimics, people can make there own minds up. Stefan May´s <img src=´ ´> Spawn´s <img src=´ ´>

    ************** REYNEN NO MODDER OWNS RIGHT TO ANYTHING THEY CREATE ************** this is NOT correct. i will answer from a modeller and designers perspective. the design and model of your ship is yours. copyright it how you like by law, or by simply posting it to yourself and getting govermental seal dates on it. however you like? but no one has rights over your model or your design. the key here is proof you came up with it first. as some one in one of the other post mentions. most modellers dont care until the issue arrives because we all have common sense and keep a means to proove what we did and when. so all those who have created models and ships for the game worry not, just start protecting yourself and have a back up plan should the issue arrive. now i realise this cannot be the same for codes but since i am not a coder i couldn´t really care. i just wanted to have a say for the modellers who are getting confused from this whole issue. keep creating and keep modelling. Now Reynen i realise this is a big issue for you but please please do not start flaming the admins. i have been modding with this site since before you even realised that it existed many of them have stood by this community since the first concept of freelancer began. they helped people like me find my feet and become the game modeller i am now. you say you know where they stand on modding and modellers yet you really have no idea at all. you keep flaming people for judging you yet in the same sentence you judge others. all i know is one thing and one thing alone, i like the lancers reactor its a great site with a huge community of modellers and designers and with out it most of use would still be making block ships with blurred skins. my hat goes of to the dedication to all the staff behind the reactor and i hope this MS issue doesnt affect it in anyway because it would be a great loss to see the lancers get shutdown over confilt of issues between modders and game creators.

    <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> ROFLMAO. i knew you would do that <img src=smilies/icon_smile_big.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> anyone got some paracetemol

    this is why we at Astral -prime studios got copyright! also as a security measure try getting a watermarking programme for graphic files there are plenty about. they code in your specific watermark into the files (you cant see them but there there in code) it does add anything to the size of the file and gives you complete control over your models and textures. just a pointer to people making there own mods. or an easy way to sopyright and proove your ships are yours. is to download your models to disc stick it in an envolope and post it to yourself. the delivery people will stamp there signature and date on the envelope. get it done by recorded delivery and you have proof you did so and so first. Edited by - GAG on 02-09-2003 09:15:45

    i would suggest lower than that, if you can stay arund 1500 to 2000 the reason for this is when all your added weapons,shields,thrusters etc are added onto you ship it can almost double the amount of polys on your ship. if you look at the games own models they seem to stick to this also (except the cap ships)

    i like the initial design. i´ll just make a few comments. firstly i think you need to hollow out the cockpit and make a see thru canopy, this way it will fit into the game better (specially if you add the pilot). secondly although the skin fits well and does look good i seriously suggest you make your own. the reason i say this is because there have been a lot of ships in the last week that look quite poor in my opinion, there blocky and show no creativity. (im not saying this about yours at all) all i´m saying is its worth poping over to the milkshape website and learning how to make your own textures. it is hard to create you own and it does take time to learn but in the end its worth it for the online respect if nothing else plus in the end you get a much more overwhelming pride when you release your ships (trust me this i know for a fact). and this would seriously make your models more popular than the others.

    i agree but the thing is that going by the official star wars fact files the grey one is actually what they look like. i created the new republic version just so they fit into the mod better?

    hey shsan how can i make the systems in the universe nav map dissapear, you enabled it a while ago but now everytime i try to remove a system, explorer crashes, and the game also crashes. just wondered if maybe rather than deleting a system we could just make them not visible on the map until they are visited? an option to show or hide the systems might work better. also do you know any possible way to remove the title writting in the universe map, they say KUSARI,LIBERTY,BRITONIA,RHIENLAND and SIRIUS, i need to remove these for the freeworlds mod but havent found anyting at all on them? since your a bit of a coding god thought you might have an idea. and please can we have the black holes in the next update, cant wait to start making the famous kessel run? love the explorer keep up the good work.

    for those that are experiencing the (mine zone) jump gate proplem a patch will be released very shortly so keep an eye on the official website as everyone will need this patch update to play online

    that doesnt really help? does it. i ahve searched the ini files and the .dll´s and have yet to find anything. i think they are simply a font but i could find any kind of refrence to the names