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    that you can link so quickly to a Moomins website is in itself highly disturbing. anyhoo, getting back onto something more like the subject, I just picked up the entire collection of U.F.O. on DvD, which I´m rather pleased about. I can carry on lusting after Wanda Ventham and Gabrielle Drake now. Oddly, Wanda was a full colonel in S.H.A.D.O just like Alec and Foster, yet all she ever did was bring Straker brews and memos. At least Gaby got to launch Interceptors and talk to S.I.D. <img src=´…pics/Wanda%20Ventham7.jpg ´> Wanda Ventham as Col Virginia Lake, the highest-ranking brew-maker in sci-fi.. Edited by - .Tawakalna on 10/10/2005 9:09:47 AM

    like the endless repetition of the word spam? a clear sign of the superior intellect, no doubt. and, incidentally, you can´t spell very well, O Master of the Complex Mind. And your grammar is terrible.

    parallel lines that touch aren´t parallel, theyre convergent. and could you prove that there are more than 180deg in a triangle? without just copying from the book, because I just read that part and I think its horsedung. don´t be too quick to junk the laws of natural mathematics at your age, they have a habit of coming up and getting you in the @ss. but if you really want, go ahead and apply the theory of this book in your maths exam, and see how well you do. I´m sure everyone will accept your explanation that your answers were too advanced for the examiner, that´s why he failed you. Happens to lots of people everday! why, in my physics exam I proved that I could build a perpetual motion machine AND go faster than light AND produce cold fusion AND invent a time machine.. btw perpetuator, if you are so clever and mature as you claim, maybe you´ll kindly go back and delete all those stupid posts in the other thread that i just locked, thus saving me the bother of having to. work out the maths of how long it will take me to clear up your puerile mess when i could be doing something far more constructive and enjoyable. Edited by - .Tawakalna on 10/10/2005 8:39:07 AM

    it wsnt Heidi. anyway Heidi doesn´t die, she goes back to Grandfather, and it´s set in Swiss Switzerkand amongst toblerones and cuckoo-clocks, not Orstrayluh. the Moomins still freak me out a bit, theyre very odd. Mrs Taw loves em though. but the Moomins were Scandinavian I think (Finland?) not Eastern European. I was thinking of Hero Worker Mouse v. Evil Capitalist Exploiter Cat, critically acclaimed at the 36th Party Congress and winner of the 1963 Workers Award for Socialist Culture. or that bizarre thing with the Mole. I shouldnt really laugh at them, I enjoyed them at the time cos they were so different from Tom &amp; Jerry or Bugs or Daffy. And there was The Bluebird of Happiness which was an all-star Soviet/US production, and I thought it was brilliant. hmm can´t think of any other kids progs from Orstralyuh.

    I don´t think Francis actually finished a single sentence, let alone joke or story.. *well, ooo look at er, yes you missus, anyway, in Africa - yes Africa! titter ye not, ooo mocking Francis, yes you missus....* - 2 hrs of that and I was ready to die happy. to my eternal embarassment, my parents 16th birthday present to me was trip to see Cannon &amp; Ball at the Manchester Apollo, long after their career had peaked btw. it was... awful. My mum and dad had a habit of doing stuff for themselves and calling it a *present* - I don´t think i ever lived it down with my m8s. I almost forgot - she also got up and marched us out of Billy Connolly at the Preston Guild Hall - when he was funny too! god only knows what she´d have made of The League of Gentlemen, who I saw at the Victoria Hall (just round the corner from the exploding toilet) a while back. now, THAT was funny (but not if you were sat in the aisle seats where Pauline or Herr Lippe or Papa Lazarou could get at you....) and I saw Peter Kay at the Wheatsheaf in Stoke before he made it big, although as Grom and I know full well, most of his material is taken from direct observations of Northern clubs and bingo, which figured largely in our childhoods. Don´t listen to Peter Kay´s rubbish about his poor upbringing, he lives in a 6-bed detached bungalow in Bacup. And he stole his Borrower´s joke off me; but he was dressed as a teddy-bear at the time.. Edited by - .Tawakalna on 10/10/2005 9:12:49 AM

    I thought you meant comics like this... <img src=´…le-1953-nov-05-v01-25.jpg ´> keepint to the topic, I was fortunate enough to see Frankie *oo-er missus* Howerd not long before he died. I thought i was going to suffocate with laughter, which would have been rather ironic seeing as he didn´t actuallly finish telling any jokes. The only time I´d ever seen him live before was wehn i was a kid and my folks took us to a show when we were on holiday on Jersey (that Channel Island Jersey, not New Jersey) but my mum stormed out because she couldn´t stand vulgar humour. I thought he was jolly funny though! IWe went to Blackpool to see a comedy extravaganza at the North Pier - didn´t expect much - again the whole thing as ruined by my mother who argued and complained all the way there, during the show and all the way back. But, it was actually great fun - Frank *It´s the way i tell em* Carson, Norman *testing* Collier, Charlie Drake for some benighted reason, and Little &amp; Large - who were very good on this occasion and did obscene things with Sooty. The highlight of the show was Rod Hull &amp; Emu, who excelled himself in violence and insanity - Emu, not Rod Hull. My brother even got to pet and stroke Emu, which was of course highly dangerous. He didn´t like my mum though, she got a bent beak snarl, but nothing more - lucky for Emu! <img src=´ ´> good old Emu! Eddie Izzard - <i>le singe est dans l´arbre </i> - his useless school French phrase that you´ll never use. however.... in a zoo in Tunisia, I was actually able to use this phrase quite appropriately, much to the merriment of the other English people present. Edited by - .Tawakalna on 10/10/2005 7:01:39 AM

    not the Sullivans, that was ITV, set around and during WW2. there was another series on BBC (kids show) about this huge family in this rambling house in the Blue Mountains, the dad was some British colonel of the 19th century, he´d takewn his tribe to live there, the eldest girl was a bit of a rebel (she ended up dying when the baby nearly got killed by a tree) - probably before your time. can´t remember what it was called. it was a bit like a kids version of The Thorn Birds or The Flame Trees of Thika. Esq - something had to fill up those hours on a Sunday morning and during holidays when there weren´t even home-grown or Yankee shows to go round. the BBC tried Czech and Polish cartoons like Worker Robot v Capitalist Robot, and Carry On Down The Collective Farm, and there was even an effort with French Saturday matinee mini-series, which you usually joined at ep 26 when Ahmed was about to be abducted in the baddie´s Citroen van that he´d stowed away in after running away from the pirates who´d kidnapped him from his uncle´s melon farm. However such determined efforts to break away from the pattern of filling dead time with antipodean culture failed, Skippy had already blazed a trail for cheesey down-under plots. Many a happy hour was spent by British children trying to the train the dog to come heel by blowing through a privet leaf and saying &quot;g´day&quot; &quot;cobber&quot; &quot;sport&quot; &quot;Skeep&quot; although it tended not to work when you called your mum &quot;Sheila&quot;. We did however have our own *down-under* show in the form of the legendary Tingha &amp; Tucker and *Auntie* Jean Morton - this was however religious propoaganda in the form of children´s entertainment. Recently I discovered that Tingha converted to Islam and is now known as Yussef al-Tinga, whereas Tucker fell into a drink and drugs hell and has been in rehab for years now. Auntie Jean ran off with someone we know all too well. at least Lassie got reincarnated. Skippy got stuffed. You know they made her (because she was a she, not a he as the porog would have you believe) talk via eleastic bands wrapped round her muzzle and tongue.

    one of my m8s jsut did a script for x2 that changes the behaviour of Pirates, who lets face it arent exactly much of challenge once you´re progressing decently in the game. Now they build and fight like a proper player, and they´re a real menace. I´m quite impressed, its about the first useful thing he´s ever done!

    sorry i misread it, indeed he is *executive producer* - my mishtake. so he´s doing Lovely Bones is he? that makes sense, he does have a penchant for the macabre. Mrs Taw reckoned it was the best novel she´s read for years. I fo8und the subject matter rather repugnant but I have no stomach for such things.

    yes it´s been running in the us for the last 3 months, its up to ep 10 now, a two-parter. part 11 won´t be aired till January though (waaaah! sob sob) All I can say without giving too much away is that it´s excellent, seamlessly tied into series 1 and full of truly gripping drama, just as you think you´ve got a character pegged, they surprise you. And some interesting guest charcters too! you´ll be getting it next year on Sky, i couldn´t wait so I *acquired* them.

    god I hate eBay now. I used to love iot a fewe years ago but its so mainstream and full of whining demanding idiots and con-artists. you try to to do it properly, sell decent stuff etc, and all you get is people complaining they can´t do this or it doesnt worjk (when it does, its just them) and have you got the XYZ multi-flange adaptor that comes withthe retail version? I had a guy go to town threatening investigations because Carol described a 49p bath-mitt as a wash-glove in a bath-set he bougth off her. and then there´s the smart-alecs who make comments about what you´re selling but aren´t placing bids. and the time-wasters who don´t pay. and the imbeciles who send you postal orders 3 weeks later. and the rip-ppff merchants who take your money and disappear. so far this year we´ve lost £65 on a suit that carol ordered from me off a guy who had brilliant feedback, he´s vanisjhed without a trace, and £140 plus transport plus repairs on a grandfather clock that had benn bashed to pieces, we had to pay to be repaired after the guy vanished for 3 months, then he pops up from nowhere with threats and abuse and leaves US bad feedback when we´re the one´s who got ripped off. 2 years later I still don´t have my rare Kolberg video from the States or numerous anime dvds that were supposed to go to my b-i-ls address in Houston that mysteriously never arrived. I really hate eBay now. I´ve sold my last lot of computer kit on it and now that´s it. we have 886 feedbacks, all positive apart from 2, one from a non-paying bidder who tried to get his own back, one from the robber above. And we still get grief from demanding idiots. we don´t create a song and dance when we´re buying stuff, or selling, yet almost every f***er else we come into contact with seems to? it´s got a lot worse this year. here´s a standard one wthat really winds me up. I sell software that comes my way on eBay, usually M$ stuff, XP, 2K, Office, stuff liek that. Every time I clealy state *this is original and genuine Micro$oft product with hologrammed cds and hologrammed COA* - clear enough you´d think. Every time without fail i get a dozen emails asking if its genuine, does it have the hologrammed COA? What? CAN´T YOU PEOPLE eff-effing READ? I´ve now got to explain to some idiot who´s whining that if you put pc-133 SD-RAM into a pc-100 board without changing the bus speed, it will show as half capacity. Some bloke is accusing me of selling mislabelled RAM, because he bought 128mb of Toshiba PC-133 off me and it´s coming up as 64mb, duh! I also have a guy moaning that Celeron 300 I sold him hasn´t got any L2 cache on... when it clearly states on the auction that it is the first-run 300 with NO ie Zero cache on, the 128kb L2 went on the 300A, which the one I was selling was not. Honestly, I´m so sick of Ebay its untrue. I get grief off these people every day but when I get burned no-one helps, all you get is that resolution service that does nothing. Most recently we had an idiot who bought, didnt pay, semt us an email purporting to call himself Yuah Kwan Fuxyussef (yeh really) and that he worked in a dockyard with *English white scum* who paid him in pennies, which he was going to DHL to us. Next thing he´s posting feedback saying that we´re racists and were abusing him! needless to say, he got nowhere and eBay removed his feedback and cancelled his account, but he has our address and names and we don´t have his. Carol got so sick of it she set up a new account for herself and uses that now. Edited by - .Tawakalna on 10/7/2005 5:59:25 AM