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    oh yeah that´s true, isn´t it... I´d forgotten that. Yet another reason to boycott Golden Delicious. Mind you, some Frenchies might have sneaked aboard the Liberty disguised as Canadians. And I wonder what nationality the saboteur on the Hispania was, my moneys on him NOT being Spanish, prob. French from Andorra or Biarritz, putting bombs on ships is a French speciality after all. Rainbow Warrior come to mind?

    I´m not THAT old! however my dad flew on Lancs during the war, also Halifaxes, and one of my best mates from school was a fitter in the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight for a while so I have been in the preserved Lanc City of Lincoln, unf. not when it´s been flying. Wouldn´t mind ´though.... having said that they were apparently murder to get out of on ops if you had to bale, due to the mainspar lying transverse across the main cabin. Fortunately my old man never had to bale.

    it was gutting to see the Phantoms go, but they were retained land-based for some time after as I recall. The Buccaneers on the other hand stayed front-line for years despite having no carrier, if you remember they were indispensable in Gulf War 1. Now there´s an idea for a CFS3 mod; Phantoms, Buccaneers, Shackletons, all the old kit from when we were boys and the world was a simpler place. I feel like putting a total exclusion zone around Falkland Base and trashing the Outcast cruiser "Generally Belgrauniad" and I´m sure that one of the Outcasts leaders must be called Galtieri or Maradona.

    I couldn´t find Fuchu prison at all, even though I have its exact location. Didn´t even come up on my solars, and I know I was right on top of it. What´s going on?

    I thought Portuguese was only spoken in Brazil, everyone else in South and Central America speaks Spanish because of the Treaty of Tordesillas... back to "reality:" it could have been a South African sleeper ship of course, called the OraanjVriiStaat maybe, it would have been multi-racial of course (but the blacks would still have had all the dirty jobs!) The Irish clearly went on the Bretonia because they´re still fighting in the Dublin system. Mollys indeed... Thinking about it, South Korea would be a better idea. Totally in with the Yanks, hate communists, and rich enough to afford their own sleeper ship, the Daewoo, hence when it´s wreck is found you can say, "that´ll be the Daewoo.."

    I got the Falklands expansion for CF3 and spent some happy hours blowing up Mirages, Skyhawks, and Etendards. I tried to play the Argies but when it came to unloading Exocets onto British ships, well, I just couldn´t do it. So I turned round and found some Argie targets to hit.

    i think those rings look like those transport rings in Stargate SG1 that Macguyver uses. Alternativelt they look like luminous springs we used to play with in the 70s until they got banned and me mum threw mine away. I think I saw something on one of the ships that looked like a door. D´you think the freighters are big enough for a galley so that you can have something to eat while you´re flying, and maybe a little bed for a kip while yer on F2 for 150k or more?

    well yeah I originally thought of Corsairs and Outcasts as Argies with them speaking the same language etc. but I like the Corsairs and Outcasts and I don´t like the Nomads even though obviously they are a lot tougher than any Argentinians!

    oh for God´s sake! The whole point of StarLancer was that it was &quot;Cold War&quot; blocs in outer space; America and it´s NATO allies plus the Japanese as well against the Eastern Europeans, the nastier Middle Eastern countries and Far Eastern communist countries. Seeing as the French and Italians are both mentioned in SL as well as America, Britain, Germany, Japan (but not Spain so why do they get their own sleeper ship?) then you have another 2 there for Freelancer. I reckon that the &quot;missing&quot; nation must be Canada as has been said because although it would be bigger than the American ship, and naturally parked right on top of the Liberty, it would have a special cloaking device so that no Americans even knew it was there. It´s wreck is probably located somewhere just outside the Alaska system, but as the French didn´t make it either then no-one knows what it is because they can´t read the markings. Alternatively it could well be the Aussies but they prob. missed the flight as the Test match was on and they were all pissed anyway. Having said that their descendants are merrily serving away in Bretonian bars and hotels! What´s a New London pub without an aussie barman or girl? No indians either I noticed which must have been a terrible cultural shock to the Bretonians, no curries at the weekend, I for one would have been on the first sleeper ship straight back! btw the way no tea either in Bretonia if you look closely, they must ahve made the teabags they took with them last an awfully long time. My cryopod* would have been chock full of tea, sugar, milk, cigs, curry powder, HP sauce, lard, beef dripping and all those other things which make our British culture so distinctive superior to all others <img src=smilies/icon_smile_wink.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Seriously if I couldn´t take all the stuff I like I wouldn´t go. What´s the point of escaping to some &quot;distant &quot; star sytem if when you rebuild your civilisation you can´t go for a curry on a Saturday night after 8 pints of lager and insult the waiters and taxi-drivers? * actually I´d have had 2 crypods, one for me and then one for the wife, she´d have to look after all the stuff of course, that way I´d have all me goodies plus some nookie when we got off the ship. Sorted! Funnily enough the other day I saw &quot;When worlds collide&quot; for the first time in years, and the top scientist fella does mention that &quot;other nations&quot; were building their own space arks/rocket ships whatever.

    I noticed that myself while trolling through Tau-37 (for that is the system) What a nerve, using the name Malvinas! It´s amusing in a way, but I feel like playing a mod in which you can fly Harriers and spong Nomad-Argies! 21 years ago this year, btw. Doesn´t time fly? I was just 18 and signing up for me 2 years then...

    evryone is entitled to their opinion but some criticisms i feel are somewhat unfair. ok this game could have been better in many ways but it´s more than good enough and it´s the first game of this genre since Privateer that I´ve really enjoyed as much as I enjoyed Privateer, and that includes P2 and Elite. For me, it´s &quot;Privateer 3&quot; and i can see myself playing it for months, just like I did with Privateer and Freespace 2. It´s certainly worth the 35 quid I paid for it.

    well that´s exactly right, if you can´t outmaneouvre a light quick enemy but you outgun him, then just sit still and wait till he comes in range. Obviously this ain´t much good if you´ve got big ship guns or weapons platforms sponging you, or you´re hideously outnumbered! alternatively you can always run away. however i feel a lot of shame running away from a Piranha or a Patriot or a Startracker, but after I´ve killed dozens of them the boredom overcomes the shame..

    I love the Titan despite it´s drawbacks in maneouverability and loadout, but the answer to your question is of course that is NOT unbeatable, none of the top ships are, it completely depends upon the skill of the pilot to fly and outfit his ship properly; a better ship will give you an advantage, but if you´re good enough you can take anything out even in a ****e ship. I fly a well-kitted out Titan and while I don´t get killed much, there are many times I come close and have to scarper to save me skin, and don´t have to be up against top enemies for this to happen. Some chonk in a Banshee was running rings around me the other night and I don´t know what he was firing but it was ripping through my shields like they were paper; I legged it then got my repairs, changed me loadout and went back to kill the b***ard, but he´d gone. In theory I should have stomped him but he totally outflew me.

    I use 2x Wildfires 2x Prometheus + 2x Salamanca II (I might swap those for Krakens or Wyrms, haven´t decided yet) and a Skyblast B turret I nicked off a GMG ship. I used Nomad cannons for a while but then I got shot of them, it´s a bit of a cheat imho and using them takes the challenge out of the game. Bit more legit to use a pulse weapon to take down shields, I think. Don´t use missiles at this level, I get the cold shudders when I fire off a Cannonball or Firestalker and my expensive ordnance gets decoyed away by an el cheapo CM. Gutting. You get value for money with guns, the only missiles I ever use now are Hornets. As for Rievers and Buckshots, I´ve captured loads from the many BHG Hammerheads I´ve gleefully destroyed, god I hate BHG, unf. whilst these weapons seem to tear me to bits when I come through the O-41/O-Gamma jumphole, their kit doesn´t seem to work so well for me. But I get great results with the above mix, shields down in one good strafe, hull gone in one or two; sometimes with weaker enemies I do a head-on run, z-kill the engines and just spray fire, last night I did this by Soton Shipyard and killed 2 Crusaders, 4 Starfliers and 2 Startrackers in one pass, turned back and killed 4 transports in one pass. Later on I tried this by the Ring in New Berlin and to my f***ing total amazement got chased by Humpbacks and they were giving me quite a pounding too! The things were being flown like fighters.. never seen it quite like that before.

    hmmmm I also noticed that no-one ships booze in FL, and no tobacco either, even though that thief bloke who was on the rescue ship with Trent was smoking a ciggie. At least there´s dope, even if it is only cardamine, not the happy Ultimate (E?) and Brilliance (Whizz?) from Privateer (where you could shift booze as well and baccy was illegal) No porno either. I used to enjoy offloading sexsynths and pornovids along with the baccy, booze and dope.

    believe me, when u plop out of a jumphole and there´s a slack handful of BHG waiting for u in Hammerheads, you´ll be glad of that extra armour on the Titan as opposed to the maneouvrability of the Eagle. Plus a lvl10 shield is a big help! tried all 3 top fighters, as I´m not a very good shot or pilot I find the Titan in Z-flight mode suits me best for slashing head-on attacks and sixpence turns. I use 2 Wildfires &amp; 2 Prometheus for shield and hull damage and 2 Salamancas to maintain a lashing fire-rate. Haven´t bothered with missiles for weeks now as they´re too expensive and every time I fire off a top rocket I just see 5000 creds going up in smoke esp. if it gets decoyed off. Use a f***ing lot of mines though! Sabre is an excellent fighter but just doesn´t hack it against top BHG, Eagle is a bit on the flimsy side, Titan is a slug but it´s a tough slug and once you leave Corsair or Outcast space it´s top predator.