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    Please don't think I was aiming this all at you, I was just using you as an example to try and show how far things have come.

    I didn't realize this subject was as touchy as it is. Should this thread be removed then? The only reason I brought it up was to try and add a "stealth" ability to future mods, even if it was only to the extent of the Mass Effect version of stealth (can't be detected or seen on radar, but is still visible out of a window). Just let me know...

    don't worry, I completely understand, thats why I'm not going to say how to cloak. My question though was if there's a way to do it without FLHook. Hook is the biggest reason I dropped out of FL. I've always liked singleplayer, yet hook isn't as well as all I hear is hook can do everything via command line. That just seems more like a cheat then anything.

    In the past, this was something that if even whispered, would cause a thread to be locked instantly. Well after seeing the work Adoxa has done, I wanted to question it a little, but only with this one thread.

    As of right now, this is THE ONLY thread in which cloaking will be aloud to be talked about. It will be HEAVILY monitored in which posts WILL be deleted or edited if links to download sites or any other form of non-authorized information or files is shared. Please note, this is to prevent the downfall of Freelancer, like that that was experienced years ago do to cloaking.

    Last thing I heard, if someone got a working cloaking mod, they could still use weapons, and even if that was fixed, they could still camp, uncloak, then kill. Now heres' some ideas I've had:

    • Make a working, 100% stealth cloak that has a period after deactivation where no weapons can be used, a cool down period if you will.
    • Make the cloak a new cruise effect. So while you cruise, you're not on radar or seen.

    If you've got an idea, or know more about this subject, then I want to hear about it.

    First, running quad core, I would think you'd do an x64 OS instead of x86, just so it utilizes those cores right. Second, I might have missed this, but have you tried having FL load straight to the menu instead of going threw the intro movies?

    I have a 5570 that runs 1gb of DDR3 and it gave me the choice to continue, which I hit yes, and it works fine. Runs at 1280x960 with no hitches.

    The rest of my rigs stats include:

    So that's why I'm curious if your problem might just be a driver issue. All I know is that I downloaded the newest catalyst version which was released the end of March. Sorry can't help you more, but I hope this information may throw you in a better direction. Have you tried disabling UAC / running in Administrator mode?

    Just throwing my 2 cents in, but I've got a Radeon HD 5570 and it says no graphics detected but still runs fine...
    Maybe I'm missing something in your case?

    Worked fine for me, so I'll hazard a guess and say you're using Vista/7 (I'm still on XP). I believe when you install FL to Program Files, the system owns the files, so you must run FLMM as administrator in order to modify them.

    Just wanted to add my two cents, but if you disable the UAC for Vsita/7 it stops that problem too.

    One thing I noticed was 11 messages from the Bot wishing me happy birthday, in which 10 of them were the day before my birthday.

    Also, why was the "Unread Posts" link taken away? Just seems harder to navigate now.

    Well after several months, and a lot of school, I'm back. And I just want to say I'm sorry for being gone so long. I know I said I would help this community, but I've been busy with school.

    So to start,

    • What's New?
    • What's the biggest thing going on right now?
    • When's the next meeting?
    • How do I get a drink around here?!

    I've done a MEMTEST86+ or whatever it's called, and I found that hardware wise nothings wrong with the computer. 5 Pass / 0 Error. On the other hand, I did figure out why my computer was crashing so much. For some reason, anything that used to run on my pci-e's GPU for some reason is now trying to run on my motherboard's GPU thus causing my CPU to run harder. My motherboard has a built in Radeon HD 4770 and my PCI-e card is a Radeon 5570. Well at first anytime I watched a movie or something, my cpu would max out and as soon as I'd do something else it'd overload and crash. The bios won't let me disable the onboard video (from what I can tell so far) but I did make it so the onboard video loads last. Cut my load down by 50% on the cpu but none the less it's still loading onto the cpu and not the pci-e gpu.

    Ok, if someone can, please tell me what I'm doing wrong?! I'm running an AMD Athelon 64 X2 4000+ processor on a new M4A785-M Asus motherboard, with 4G of DDR2 ram, and no matter who tells me what to do or how many different copies I use, I can't get a 64bit OS to run for more then an hour without bugging all to hell. So what am I missing as everyone and their mom is now running something 64 and I'm not?

    Ok, so it's been almost a year since I've f'ed with Freelancer, and I'm in the mood to start modding it again. But seeing as a lot of things have happened since then, I wanted to get some help with a few things:

    • I've been hearing that "adoxas" is the new Alchander, and I was curious what some of his/her works are?
    • What are the latest and best tools? Besides moddeling, I'm looking for tools to help enlarge planets, make systems, ect.
    • In general, where's the best place to start and how?

    it doesn't feel hot'll break it down and see. Never thought of that. The other thing is though that out of the 20 odd attempts to get it to work, installing the video drivers has fixed the display twice, otherwise it just frags. And even when it does fix it it only works for a few hours.