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    I currently am just building "around it" (just moved everything out of sight), but i was wondering how hard it would be to scrap all that out. Everyone said that adding factions was moderately difficult, but I personally thought it was easy, just time consuming.

    Last time this was talked about, you could delete all of the systems except for FP7 and LI01. Now, I wanted to know, has there been a breakthrough where with the Open SP mod, you can delete all of the old systems, factions, ect. so that you can start a new mod from scratch?

    First off, you don't need an attitude like that. We know you'll make the decision.

    Also, I agree with you about the long lists, and would just like to suggest making the URL limit to three. This includes picture URLS too. As for pictures, what about 450 x 150. A simple 3:1 ration in size, and doesn't get much bigger than a normal banner.

    Remember, these are just my IDEAS to what I think should be done. I personally would like to hear other's opinions too.

    Ok, taking the links A simple link is better than having a picture up, especially with a picture that can be 700x300. Seriously, what does it hurt to have a link to someone else's mod? I mean honestly, that's how I find out about 9/10ths of them. If someone could explain why having links is a problem, please do.

    This is one of the easiest things to answer.

    nickname = ge_cof_engine_01
    ids_name = 263681
    ids_info = 264681
    volume = 0.000000
    mass = 10
    max_force = 48000 <-------------------This
    linear_drag = 599 <---------------------Devided by this gives you the speed at which the engine is going to move the craft.
    power_usage = 0
    reverse_fraction = 0.200000
    flame_effect = gf_li_smallengine01_fire
    trail_effect = gf_li_smallengine01_trail
    trail_effect_player = gf_li_smallengine01_playtrail
    cruise_charge_time = 5
    cruise_power_usage = 20
    character_start_sound = engine_bw_fighter_start
    character_loop_sound = engine_bw_fighter_loop
    character_pitch_range = -50, 25
    rumble_sound = rumble_bw_fighter
    rumble_atten_range = -5, 0
    rumble_pitch_range = -25, 25
    engine_kill_sound = engine_bw_fighter_kill
    cruise_start_sound = engine_bw_cruise_start
    cruise_loop_sound = engine_bw_cruise_loop
    cruise_stop_sound = engine_bw_cruise_stop
    cruise_disrupt_sound = cruise_disrupt
    cruise_backfire_sound = cruise_backfire
    indestructible = false
    outside_cone_attenuation = -3
    inside_sound_cone = 60
    outside_sound_cone = 180

    just play with those two numbers to get what you want. The best way to go about it, is to set the linear_drag to 600, that way to figure out the speed, all you have to do is mess with the max_force and whatever number that is, devide by 600. Very simple math.

    Anything else you would like to know?

    I didn't mean for it to sound hostile. I'm sorry for that.

    Also I was unaware that other forums used the same ranking system. I personally made a system that pertained to my mod.

    Yea...that's just the beginning of it. Like I said, I'm completely rewriting the resources.dll, and if you want, I can post all of the weird codes I've come across. Don't know how much it will help but...

    And another thing I've found is that there's A LOT of random coding just throne in there. I've been wondering why they did that?

    I don't know if anyone's seen this before, but as I was rewriting the resource.dll for my mod, I cam across;

    is this just another one of those codes that were never implemented or what?

    I personally am looking for Mantaray, Silvik, and Garion for the homeworlds shippack. I tried going threw a couple of other mods that I found them in, but no prevail.

    Quote from "iMac-Knight"

    A security group involved with Iraq at the moment. They have been in the ahh, news lately. Not to nicely either;

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    Sounds like the Wolf Pack. I know their in sci-fi movies a lot, but I looked them up. Like frickin modern day Spartans...but on the mercenary side.

    Thanks for making me feel like a nerd. I completely understood that, and had to explain it to my girlfriend...

    Anyways, if you want to talk about things that are good for you, I can't remember the technical mumbo-jumbo, but three glasses of wine a day helps to flush out your kidneys and liver. Just like cats, it helps to extend your life.

    I understand, but like I've said before, how do we get in contact with people that are untouchable. I mean right now I'm personally only trying to get permission for the homeworld shippack, but the thing is is that I've found a lot of ships that I would like to use, but can't because I have no email address, and no other way to get in contact with them. So do I just say, "Oh well, guess I have to settle with what I don't want."? And I don't mean that in an angry way, I'm just saying.

    I see what iMac is saying, and shouldn't that be the one biggest way to cover it? I mean unless they're a complete prick, I don't see why anyone would get too pissed from that.

    Not trying to sound like an asshole, but is there anyway around the copyrights/permissions to use those ships? I mean I understand that just giving credit isn't enough in some cases, but how do we know which ones are and aren't?

    I must say that I have the same problem a lot. I find a ship I like, find the name of the creator, but no email. We have lists of everything is freelancer, but we don't have a list of emails or who's who. I want to ask if someone could do something like this, but I don't expect to see it as it would be a pain in the ass.

    Quote from "Firekiss"

    It's possible to simulate it, however it requires VERY advanced ALE editing skills. If you wish I could try it.

    Go right ahead my friend. Once again, that is not a subject I know. If it isn't .cmp, .ini, .wav, .doc, .docx, or .xml, I don't know how to do it.