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    your parents listen to rammstein, loc? ...woof. I can´t remember what my parents were into into... My dad´s gotten into old style rock and roll and rockabilly. I find that the sounds of one generation usually end up in the opposite style in the other. Nirvana probably wouldn´t exsist as it did if Abba didn´t make it big. But then the Disco backlash might not have happened, and disco could have turned into what´s now known as italo disco (<A href=´´ Target=_Blank>Ishkur´s Guide to Electronic Music</a> - for those who are unfamiliar with italo disco. look under house.) But that didn´t happen. Nirvana happened and Cobain is dead. Such is life. But yeah, the first time my dad said &quot;I´m not a fan of this type of music&quot; probably was Static-X, which was at the start of last year. I had ´rebelled´ in the sense, but I soon got over it. It seems like a very childish thing looking back. Ah well, could be worse. A small side note, my dad didn´t even say &quot;I´m not a fan of this music&quot; (his classic phrase to say: turn this down i dont like it) to Rage Against The Machine... how odd. -:- You Wanna Revolution?

    I had a theory about why there are a lot of birthdays in september/october. New Years eve is about 9 months beforehand. wink wink nudge nudge say no more. happy bday man. -:- You Wanna Revolution?

    Killa, i can understand where you are coming from in wanting to put some rather nasty words into your fiction, but most of the times, it really is unnessicary, and can be replaced by other more deeper phrases that still illustrate character. Example: - Able: F*** you, you stupid B**** With that, Able pushed Baker down the stairs - A direct transcription of the event. however, it can be improved. -- Able´s face scowled as a string of harsh and hurtful words escaped from his lips, and, before Baker could retaliate with a barrage of his own, Able´s strength had knocked his weight off his feet, sending him tumbling down the flight of stairs behind him. -- Which one is more interesting? To moi it is fairly obvious, but yeah If you take the time to write in the details like that, your fictions will become a lot more interesting. -:- You Wanna Revolution?

    *Raises glass of fine scotch and coke* I´ve had a lot of pets die over the years, most recently my cat, a selfish bastard who used to annoy the crap out of everyone but me. It used to bug dad for food, scratch my sister, but for me and mum that cat was awsome. *Tips hat* my condolances -:- You Wanna Revolution?

    Bill bailey, isn´t he from black books? Why yes he is. Brilliant man, gotta give him heaps of credit. Dylan Moran is another good one (mainly cos i love black books, but thats me) For some strange reason i find chris rock funny too. and i cant think of why... -:- You Wanna Revolution?

    Sony did get stabbed in the back by nintendo over the original Playstation though, i have no idea what it has to do with it, but it shows that even with major setbacks they put out a brilliant product that won over time. I just hope that Sony stays in the console business for the sole reason of variety, rather than another *gasp* MS based monopoly over the gaming system. -:- You Wanna Revolution?

    I would like to do some shameless self promotion and vote for the creator race in ´Creator´ (Read the rpg and they appear, i just havent got that far in the re-write) -:- You Wanna Revolution?

    Not a fan, but I must point out 2 noticeable exceptions: The Total Annihilation Soundtrack Constantine Soundtrack Thats as classical as i get. -:- You Wanna Revolution?

    An MMO of Freelancer.... An interesting proposition, however, (me being broke the first reason) I will not be interested in such an endevour, and Argh has a point, that the sales of Freelancer keep going up due to the mod scene, making it more a ´sleeper hit´ than the big ´bang and bust´ video games that are out there, where all that is involved is an sp campaign and that´s it. No chance of modification, no multiplayer, and the game sells massively and then dies, relegated to a bargain bin. Every time I see Freelancer on the shelves, it´s still around the 30-50 AUD mark. I am yet to even see it in a bargain bin, even though I barely see it anywhere. There are games which are the pinnicale of their genre, Argh mentioned Total Annihilation, an RTS only rivalled by Starcraft in my opinion, (C&amp;C has nothing on TA) but sadly Freelancer, due to MS´s inflexibility with modders, the awkward rendering engine, and the lack of support for modern rendering tech, is really not the pinnicle of the space sim. I´m yet to see the true pinnicle of the space sim, but I never played any of the Wing Commander series, and only played X-Wing when I was younger. X2 is to complex for a lot of players, and while Freelancer makes up on this, there really is a lacking in graphics and realism in the game. There are very few ´perfect´ games, I have listed the ones that I feel are ´perfect´ in other threads, so I won´t go into those here. In the games industry, there are usually two versions of the same thing, and in the recent rise of street racing games, there are two that stand out as the major contenders: Midnight Club 1, 2 &amp; 3DUB - Open city racing, arcade feel, but with adequate challenges and now a decent customisation section, (and the ability to tune muscle cars) MC3 is a true challenger to the more commercially exploited, Need For Speed Underground 1 &amp; 2 - Closed city tracks, more accurate physics and crisper graphics. Marred by the lack of open city racing, but has other features that seem to redeem it. If you were to combine the positives of these two games together you would get a damn good street racer, but no one ever will. The same happens in every other genre of game, theres something wrong, but it also happens in movies, in music, in all other forms of creative expression. Argh seems to be on the money with the idea of ´revamping´ Freelancer, but then comes the question of where the story will go. And whether a small FPS or 3PS area will be implimented, or even an RPG style of control when the main character is on board a station or planet, to increase the immersion. If MS does make a MMOG, I just pray that it will be like Guild War: one off pay, free afterwards. That would be awsome. So until then, I might have to look into Eve. Or maybe not. -:- You Wanna Revolution?